Berry Lemonade Elixir

Product description

Lemonade reminds us of some of the best things in life. Like baseball games, open-air markets and our grandma’s house. But this lemonade brings an unexpected addition to the table—flavorful wild berries…oh and marijuana of course.


6 mg THC per serving // 100 mg per bottle

*Available in 200 mg in MI


• Nut free / Gluten free / Vegan

• Dixie Elixirs are triple lab tested for consistency and quality

• Increased bioavailability + liquid delivery system for faster absorption

• Customize your THC dose to your unique needs

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4 reviews

9 months ago
5 stars

Pricey for a one-time consumption product

i can't imagine not drinking the whole thing. it tastes good. it's only 8.5 oz. there are 17, 6mg servings of THC in the bottle. a serving doesn't pack much of a punch. the whole bottle delivers a nice warm fuzzy sleepy high. the feeling was very relaxing. it didn't knock me out, and when it was time for bed, i fell asleep easily.
3 years ago
5 stars


The best ive had so far, still trying the other flavors
11 months ago
5 stars

12 months ago
3 stars

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