Canndescent CHEER 1/8th Jar

$44.68per 1/8 oz
Product description

CHEER is a sativa-leaning hybrid for lively gatherings that bring everyone closer. This holiday season, relax in the moment and enhance the experience with Canndescent's new limited edition Holiday effect, CHEER. Reduce stress and anxiety while bringing out your social side so you can revel in the season well through New Year's. In our signature 1/8th.

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5 reviews

1 year ago
5 stars

Holiday cheer, indeed!

This is truly wonderful. I’m gonna need more than 1g at a time.
4 months ago
5 stars

Frosty the Snowman

2020 was the year I started smoking cannabis. Candescent Charge was my first product purchase ever. I wanted a stativa because I didn't wanna eat my whole house... I remember upon opening the jar smelling a "cheesy" smell, which I can now call "funk". Cheer has the same smell, but the appearance is a beautiful and is so FROSTY ☃️ bright Kelly green flower, and yellow frost all over. To ones comment, I suppose canndecent products aren't the best "nose", but their effects and taste are quality! For me, cheer tastes like pine and peppercorn. The affects are talkative, happy, giggly.
5 months ago
5 stars

Beautiful Strain

Definitely some Holiday Cheer! I enjoyed this. A nice heavy high and it tastes delicious.
1 year ago
5 stars

I agree with chris

The smell is not all the way there. Smokes good and gets u high but the smell is like an advil or some medicine type of smell
3 stars

Gets the job done but.....

I use to only pick up Canndecent, I only pick up connoisseur Cannabis. This strain taste great, gets you high, definitely gets you in a cheerful mood, but; for some reason lately when you open the jars they don’t smell that great, it doesn’t kick you in the face with a cannabis smell, it’s kind of a turn off. Not sure if it’s the hydration packs, but I don’t remember Canndecent smelling like this until lately, every jar smells the same. Flower smokes great, does the job but that first smell almost makes you want to turn away. I do reviews on Instagram, and I don’t want my followers to miss out on something great that could definitely smell better, I know it’s not the flower, it’s something with the packaging.
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