600mg Orange Cream THC Syrup Tincture

Product description

New Flavor! Cannavis Orange Cream THC Syrup is now available in our Extra Strength 600mg Tincture. Tastes just like a 50/50 Bar! This new addition to the famous line of THC Syrups is just in time for fun underneath the summer sun! Grab yours today

TinctureHigh DosageTHCTHC-Dominant
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5 reviews

1 year ago
5 stars

I had to counter the one star review.

I had to counter the one star review in which the person didn't even explain their self. This is the cheapest, hardest hitting tincture/liquid edible I have tried so far. There is no conceivable reason this syrup should get any less than four stars, much less one.
10 months ago
5 stars


Hands down the strongest tincture I’ve ever had. I have a very high tolerance and usually take 20mg to just feel something... so the syrup was an incredible find! 1 tablespoon gets me exactly where I want to be. No hangover, no residual effects. Just a great experience. Highly highly recommend!
8 months ago
5 stars

Best product, since the Korova BlackBar.

Never leaving the dispensary without this. Blown away.
9 months ago
5 stars

Don’t take too much!

I am a longtime daily user, and a capful for this gets me HAF for hours. One caution, though: if you take more than what is recommended, you may shut down completely for 10 minutes or so. So exercise precaution.
1 year ago
4 stars

Great Relaxant

Personally this stuff is exactly what works for me and the sleep I get now is unbelievable Thank you
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