CRU Glue (3.5 Grams)

$28.12per 1/8 oz
Product description

TASTE + SCENTEarthy Highlights, Hints of Chocolate

SENSATIONEuphoric Relaxation & Balance & Creativity


HYBRIDOne Eighth Ounce (3.5 GRAMS)


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15 reviews

3 years ago
5 stars


The Cru Glue strain is nothing less then a heavy hitter if your looking for something to really ease your arthritis, Back pain, and anxiety. I would highly recommend this strain. The taste you get from this strain is floral with an og like aftertaste.
1 year ago
5 stars

Great taste

This Cru glues taste like the original gorilla 🦍 glue I’ve gotten two different 1/8s 👍
5 stars

Got a .75g Joint

This strain was earthy with a little chocolate flavor! The high was strong enough to get 5 people faded with that Jay! Ash was white and the J burned slow! It was very smooth so 5 star overall!
2 years ago
5 stars

best glue

super good with nice white ash clean
5 months ago
5 stars

So high

It’s definitely glued me to my couch, the buds were nice and thick
11 months ago
5 stars


I wasn’t ready. LOL! This strain for real put me on stuck! Dense flower, and very potent. Or, I’m just a lightweight. Or maybe be both. HAHAHAHA!
1 year ago
5 stars

Best in the West!

Thanks THC for always steering me in the right direction 💯🤙
1 year ago
5 stars


Was suspicious at first due to the bud looking not very dense but it is a very high quality high. Definitely a hybrid.
2 years ago
5 stars

good glue

bomb glue
8 months ago
4 stars

Not bad but nothing great

I wasnt really impressed with this one. The smell and taste were weak and except for the slight chocolate notes, not what I expected from a "glue". Still enjoyable to smoke. Has a nice high but not the couchlock I am use too from other "glues"
2 years ago
3 stars

Decent flower, crap packaging

They would be better off putting their product in a ziplock sandwich bag, rather than the cheap Cellophanee that is a pain to open, and doesnt keep the flower fresh at all
9 months ago
3 stars

Best and worst batch ever

Man this was both the best and worst. The smell was great, it was sticky everything that I've been looking for since moving. But it had black spots outside of the buds and on the inside as well, which makes me believe that it is Caterpillar poop!!! It was not on all the nugs, but atleast half of them did.I was taking them out as much as I could. I bought 6 eighths, so sad and dissapointed.
1 year ago
3 stars


Even though the batch that I smoked was packed 8/19, it still burned smoothly like guerilla glue does. I just bought a new pack of glue today that is fresher and is better I hope.
1 year ago
1 star


On Weedmaps it says thc percentage is 27.9 but it's not the box says 21.35.... definitely not worth it for the price. Don't trust Weedmaps obviously it's incorrect
10 months ago
4 stars

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