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Trulieves 850mg TruClear Distillate Concentrate Hybrid Syringes are extracted from a high THC Cannabis Flower, using a clean and pure cold ethanol extraction process. Each syringe contains approximatley 850mg of THC, and less than 30mg of CBD. This product is a pure plant concentrate, therefore it does not contain any cutting agents. This product contains approximatley 1 gram of cannabis concentrate.

Holding the cap of the syirnge, dip the plunger with concentrate into a cup of warm water for at least 30 second to make the concentrate easier to push. Once warmed, gently pull the plastic cap off the stem of the syringe to open it. Then carefully press the plunger to release a dosage of the concentrate.

For reference, a dosage of 25.5mg is approximatley 1/4 inch long. Once finished, pull the plunger back until the TruClear has retreated back into the syringe and wipe the neck of the syringe to remove any residue before replacing the cap.

When the syringe is almost empty and pressing the plunger does not dispense product any further, heat the syringe to approximately 100 degrees fahrenheit with the plunger drawn about half the way back while being held vertically with the tip pointing pointing down and the cap applied. The remaining concentrate should flow to the tip and can be released by pressing down the plunger.

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