Oral Syringe 200mg - Hybrid


Trulieves Hybrid 200mg THC Oral Syringes are extracted from a 24% Hybrid THC, Cannabis Flower, using a clean and pure cold ethanol extraction process. Each bottle contains approximatley 200mg of THC, and less than 13mg of CBD. Each bottle contains a cutting agent of extra virgin olive oil, and each bottle contains approximatley 20ml of liquid.

There are various benefits to using medical cannabis thorugh an oral syringe. The oral syringe method yields an effect in an intermediate rate, making it quick and effective.

To dose, remove the plastic tip from the syringe and remove the childproof cap from the glass bottle. Insert the syringe into the bottle and draw out your dose.

Consume the proper dosage as recommended by your physician. If instructed to consume the product sublingually, place the dose under the tongue. If instructed to consume the product orally then place the drop or drops on any food item desired.

Store the glass bottle of liquid at room temperature in the upright position. This product contains about 20 doses (1ml = 10mg). This product contains olive oil.

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2.5 stars

Hybrid Syringe

Liquid syringe if your a big pot head then this isn’t for you...... get a vape with 90% Thc so it can knock your socks off ..... this is perfect for a lite high and and relaxes oneself. Helps with pain and sleep. I thought getting a MMJ a card was for that. But we all know it’s really used for recreational use anyway.... come on really.... just legalize it and be done with it...... Nuff said

Little or no effect

This stuff is all vegetable oil. Maybe a hint of medicinal weed for smell and taste.
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