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Bozeman Dispensary - Top Shelf Botanicals

About Us

Top Shelf Botanicals is a Bozeman Medical Cannabis Dispensary


The compassionate staff of Top Shelf Botanicals is committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for Bozeman medical marijuana patients to find the cannabis products they need. Top Shelf Botanicals offers a large selection of flowers that are cured to perfection, as well as high-quality tinctures, topicals, and edibles. The Top Shelf Botanicals team takes  quality and Bozeman patient’s safety to heart and  employs stringent policies and regulations to ensure they follow the most conservative interpretation of Montana’s Medical Marijuana laws.


History and Staff

Top Shelf Botanicals is comprised of a team of cannabis advocates who have been serving medical marijuana patients in Montana since 2009. The team’s longstanding dedication to Montana patients in need lives on at Top Shelf Botanicals’ Bozeman dispensary. Top Shelf Botanicals strives to provide the best medical marijuana products and service in Montana. Their budtenders are eager to hear from the Bozeman medical cannabis community. All who come through their doors are greeted by a friendly staff member then guided to products that best meet their needs. Top Shelf Botanicals outfits Bozeman patients with the tools they need to medicate with cannabis safely and legally.



They don’t call themselves “Top Shelf” for nothing! All flowers on Top Shelf Botanical’s menu are cultivated in soil and watered by hand by a master grower who meticulously inspects every plant, every day of its life cycle. Those buds are then cured or processed using the safest techniques to create high-quality edibles. Top Shelf Botanicals offers a vast selection of flowers in every strain variety, Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid featuring strains such as Clark Griswald, God, Lemon Skunk, and many more. In need of a smoke-free option? No problem! Top Shelf Botanicals offers many delicious edibles options like Munch-Mellows available in three flavors and Infused Honey Jars and Straws. Curl up with a cup of cannabis-infused tea; Top Shelf Botanicals offers Earl of Grey Black Tea, Jasmine, and traditional Green Tea. Simply steep and sip to experience the wellness benefits of cannabis. No matter what you choose from the Top Shelf Botanicals menu, you are sure to have the best experience with the best quality products.


Service Locations

Top Shelf Botanicals proudly serves the cannabis community of Bozeman, Montana and beyond. Cannabis patients in West College Park, Bisel, and Catron are invited to visit this medical marijuana dispensary. Those in neighboring towns Story, Springhill Park, and Four Corners seeking medical cannabis can find what they need at Top Shelf Botanicals.


Location Information

Bozeman resides in the southern region of Montana, nestled within the Rocky Mountains. Downtown is Montana State University, the largest college campus in the state. Bozeman also offers the Museum of the Rockies which houses a Siebel Dinosaur Complex containing a collection of notable T. Rex specimens. The Bridger Range and the Spanish Peaks provide trails for skiing, biking, and hiking.

10:30am -  6:00pm
10:30am -  6:00pm
10:30am -  6:00pm
10:30am -  6:00pm
10:30am -  6:00pm
11:00am -  5:00pm
156 Zoot Way Bozeman, MT 59718
Bozeman, MT, 59718
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October 14th, 2017

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