Pacific Stone | 805 Glue Hybrid (3.5g)

Product description

Extraordinary euphoria and relaxation. Perfect blend for any occasion.

Flower805 GlueDieselEarthyHappyHungryHybridRelaxedWoody

More about this strain: 805 Glue

805 Glue is a cultivar by Pacific Stone created by crossing 805 with GG#4 (formerly Gorilla Glue #4). It first appeared in Southern California areas with the 805 telephone area code, hence the name.

The top reported aromas of the 805 Glue strain are earth and sour citrus. It is said to taste of skunk and soil.

805 Glue is a cultivar by Pacific Stone created by crossing 805 with GG#4 (formerly Gorilla Glue #4). It first appeared in Southern California areas with the 805 telephone area code, hence the name.

The top reported aromas of the 805 Glue strain are earth and sour citrus. It is said to taste of skunk and soil.

Top reported strain effects

  • Happy

  • Relaxed

  • Hungry

Top reported strain flavors

  • Woody

  • Diesel

  • Earthy

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160 reviews

3 months ago
5 stars

The best !

805 glue is my favorite cannabis flower and has been for the past year. It took a while to find what I really liked and this strain is it ! Great frosty buds, affordable, and great quality. I highly Recommend this strain.
27 days ago
5 stars

I love the 14pk pre rolls its so convenient.

I live Pasific Stone brand, affordable high mids.
14 days ago
5 stars

Awesome quality and price

Cant beat the price honestly ! I’ve paid a lot more for not that great stuff . Was recommended this specific strain and I love it I only took a few hits and I was feeling happy and relaxed 💚I got 7 grams for $26 plus tax . It was on sale I believe.
2 months ago
5 stars

Best place in Moreno Valley

Good weed and good service ! This is the best bud shop to shop at ‼️
1 month ago
5 stars

805 Glue

This is my go to. Very consistent. Great tasting with a nice,heavy,gassy bottom. Even the roach retains the delicious taste. Great euphoric high. The price is amazing at 20.00 per 8th. But buy the 1/4 if you can! Bigger buds. The 8ths have small, but potent nugs. Love this strain! Cali in Empire and Empire wellness usually always have it in stock too.
2 months ago
3 stars

23% on a $20 8th

Not bad for dirt cheap Pacific Stone $20 8ths. I’d say this is their second best strain. The nugs are very small as always, a couple of decent random nugs in there too but mostly bowl size. Like most $20 8ths the smell doesn’t blow you away but it smells like bud, not hay like most stuff in this price range. Neon green bowl sized nugs that are actually covered in trichomes and appear frosted. Great for heavy smokers like me who need that “filler bud” to smoke on when recklessly packing bong load after bong load as to not waste my better herb. BUT you really can’t beat 23%, which I’m aware isn’t very high I try to stick to >30%, but for $20 this is a solid buy if you’re a fan of glue hybrid strains.
2 stars

Not because they weren’t friendly…

This review is about the build up of things that made this a bad experience. They didn’t have the item in stock, which was probably weedmaps fault on updating the menu. They also said they couldn’t break $100 and to use smaller bills, understandable, so I went I broke it at a store. It took 3 hours for the order to arrive. When it finally arrived I gave $40 for the $30 order, but he still didn’t have change, so he said I could “credit the account or tip him.” I gave him a $10 tip because I don’t know the next time I’d order. It’s 1030pm and I’m pretty frustrated at this point.
2 months ago
1 star

Bad price

If you do your research they sell this brand for 10 dollars less at hhc, not considering the rudeness I got from the security guard 🤣
11 months ago
5 stars

Great buds by far

big buds hit the same great high and taste I was buying $45-$50 1/8's and now I found this beautiful thing called Pacific Stone they got great Budz and I get to save money for the munchies 😆 cant go wrong have to try i just hope by me putting this the price dont go up 😳
1 year ago
5 stars

Probably the best quality prepackaged flower

First, let me say, I’ve smoked a ton of flower, concentrates, and carts. Pacific Stone is by far the greatest quality for the price point $20 an 8th!! When you first open the bag, the dank aroma just takes over. I personally prefer the Wedding Cake 🎂 or 805 glue. Banjo wasn’t bad either, it’s just the Glue and Wedding Cake get your lit 🔥 I can actually enjoy smoking premier cannabis without paying $50-70 an 8th. Please do yourself a favor and get a bag of Pacific Stone. They’re farmers too. So you know they know what they’re doing when it comes to growing and cultivation.
11 months ago
5 stars

pacific stone 805 glue

I like the price and the quality has never disappointed me. others stated they did feel anything. I do not find that with 805 glue. Some sativa strains are less potent but those strains are known for being less potent. I am not trusting reviews that state "don't waste your money" I would never buy weak weed so that makes no sense.
1 year ago
5 stars


I know some people may not like Pacific Stone because they mainly have small nugs, but every strain is too notch!! Banjo is still my favorite, but it doesn’t matter what you get, the flavor is on point and they get you super stoned!
1 year ago
5 stars

Top shelf quality

My tolerance is a bit high like the other person was saying e glue and the wedding cake get me giggly. The 805 sour is a tad to weak for me
10 months ago
5 stars

Unexpectedly Good!!!

For the price I wasn’t expecting it to be THIS 🔥🔥🔥 The smell is amazing and it will definitely get you to the state of mind you’re trying to be at no problem! Now it doesn’t slap you TOO hard like some other stuff does but that just adds to how great this tree is because you can use this anytime of day and be completely functional Great value and can always count on it💪🏼
5 stars


Buds are always nice and fresh! For outdoor grown, it’s nice and frosty and gets you feeling euphoric and chill. Great taste and a nice sour aroma to the buds. One of my favorite from Pacific Stone
2 years ago
5 stars

My favorite strain so far

Very kushy and skunky. Great effects and smooth smoke with white ashes.
9 months ago
5 stars

Sum fuckin fire

Hella worth it picked up at a club for $23 wit tax n rolled up a lil pinner joint got blasted n then maybe 4 hours later rolled a lil 1.4 gram n got so fuckin high I was actin like a tweak 😂😂 took a dab after n it was damn near the same high n I smoke every day
1 year ago
5 stars

A nice flower

Pretty decent flower for the price get you a nice body high that doesn’t take long to kick in and just chill on the couch
5 stars

fresh solid light green nuggets, nice gluey scent.

bowl sized nuggets of perfect density. nice mellow scent and light greenish frosty color Tastes and smell like gorrilla glue hybrid when squeezed. Made me feel mellow and relaxed within minutes but not so stoned i couldnt get up and be active.burns nicely and smokes smoothly
2 years ago
5 stars

Stinky Stony Bud

You can’t go wrong with this bud. Super fresh, super stony and the fairest price on the market. This is the way pot should be. Pacific Stone delivers a product reminiscent of the golden years of cannabis, when pride was taken in the end result and it was readily available to friends and neighbors alike.
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