Orange Truffle Soufflé

Product description

Orange Truffle Soufflé, a cross between Garlic Butter and our very own fan-favorite, Orange Julius, is a true sativa that is sure to enhance any daytime experience. Its nugs are a pale green with hints of plum, wiry orange stigmas and a layer of trichomes so dense that these flowers appear to be covered in clusters of crystals. The initial aroma is sweet and citrus-forward with those fresh fruity notes intensifying upon breaking the nugs apart. Its flavor profile enhances these notes even further with strong pine and orange on the inhale, and a woodsy, earthy exhalation. The nose and flavors of this strain work together to create a bold and refreshing experience for the senses. An energizing head buzz, increased focus, creative and social stimulation are just a few of the sativa-dominant effects that this strain has to offer. Orange Truffle Soufflé is perfect for daytime use not only because it is uplifting and euphoric, but it has the ability to combat fatigue and assist with motivation. This strain offers the blissful buzz, boost of energy and refreshing effects that so many look for in a true sativa, and is as great for medicinal assistance as it is for simply brightening your day.

FlowerCaryophylleneCitrusCreativeEarthyEnergeticEuphoricFocusedGet ActiveLift Your SpiritsLimoneneLinaloolOrangePineSativaStay ProductiveTHCUpliftedWoody
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4 reviews

2 months ago
5 stars

One of the best sativas around

In my opinion this is one of the best satvias around. It provides such a balanced experience I would almost put this in the sativa hybrid lean category. For being a sativa I can use this most of the day where most other energizers I have to put down by 12pm. The mind uplift is awakening but very relaxing at the same time, which allows it to be used a good portion of the day if wanted. It also has a little body relax in my opinion unless it’s the mind relax effect. This does not over energize or raise anxiety or stress at all. I really enjoy their mandarin gold one too. One of the best shops to always find great sativas which is rare nowadays.
1 month ago
5 stars

Daytime go to

Love this strain! Perfect for getting things done with a smile. Maven always has the good stuff!
2 months ago
1 star

Trash!!! Health Hazard!!

This seems like CBD dipped in chemicals… when you try to grind or break the weed it turns to dust… you can literally taste and smell the chemicals when this burns… It gives you a sick feeling. ABSOLUTE trash. This company should be sued for advertising and selling this trash. Anyone reading this review, don’t waste your time with companies that will sell you anything to make a dollar. Both the cultivators and manufacturers are also responsible for this product. So I would stay away from Maven Genetics products. This trash is a health hazard, I’m sure.
4 months ago
5 stars


nice all the way around.. from ATL
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