The Portland Canna Connection

4.6 stars by 45 reviews
dispensaryPortland, Oregonrecreational
(503) 477-9247
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4.6 stars

amazing shop

This place is awesome. Everyone is super knowledgeable and the prices are sweet!

Hidden spot with awesome prices and products

Amazing flowers, cheap prices, and knowledgeable staff. This awesome little place feels and looks like a small hidden neighborhood spot, and not an in-your-face tourist attraction.

Great prices, great knowledge & great staff!

I came upon this little gem by chance today. Some of the best prices & products I’ve came across in a very long time. Super chill inside. Staff was very knowledgeable & showed me a couple great products that would help me with dialysis treatment too :)

Super awesome f**king s**t

this spots lit A.F. came in right before my run n grabbed some exceptional flowers Thank you fam!

Great choice

I really like this dispensary. The people that work there are super friendly and knowledgeable and won't try to give you hard sells on things you don't want. Most reasonably priced dispensary in walking distance from my house (Hawthorne) and a wide selection of products for sale. One thing I like about the place as that the tip jars are pretty unassuming and aren't labeled in tacky permanent-marker-on-white-paper "TIPS" signs. Highly recommend checking out. Place did not offer me a discount for a review which is also nice - unlike other dispensaries that have inflated reviews on weedmaps because they basically pay for reviews. xo


Good selection very helpful! They take care of you here. They recognize re-peat customers, and give deals.


Decent product, decent staff. Just another dispensary. Menu is never accurate

Ancient updates?

Why does everything her say it was updated two or three YEARS ago?

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead!!!!!

OMG!!! It had been about 4 months since i had been to PCC because the last time i was there the new lady that was the manager totally rubbed me the wrong way!!!I had been going to PCC for a year before that and was pretty impressed by the way it was run. It was fun, lively, and upbeat but when i was there 4 months ago it was far from that......i went in yesterday and was so happy to hear she is gone.....she just seemed bitchy and like she was better than the people coming in to get their medicine,This is not like the kindness and compassion that i had been used to getting at PCC......I will be back and hope you guys keep on track and keep the nice people working and the mean ones out!!!!!

Relatively pleasant experience.

I used to go the THC(the herb connection) across the street from "The Portland Canna Connection" and later found out that there another dispensary across the way. My bro that worked there often told me about canna connection. I went in, very laidback, service was great, the flowers were fine, the real reason I visit often are there medibles. Lemon bar, marionberry coffee cake, brownies, potent medibles, and reasonably potent flowers. I tried "blue magoo" for the first time from there. The lemon bars they have are I believe one of the strongest medibles I have bad. Good stuff, Shop local, support local farmers...........


BOYCOTT THIS PLACE....THEY REALLY SUCK NOW...OVER-PRICED CRAPPY MEDICAL WEED....This place used to be really good overall but since the New Owners bought this place it has Raised the Prices & The Weed Quality has gotten Really Crappy....This place used to be one of the best places in town, but now it is horrible & overpriced, crappy quality medicine & a crappy atmosphere....I'm going to stick with Portland Compassionate Caregivers after visiting this place I will never come back, I hope they go out of business or get some new owners....This place is awful & over-priced...I totally agree KushTrees420, and his review ---->>> "This club used to be the best spot in town. Great people, meds and atmosphere. There seem to be some new owners - who know zero about cannabis and can't even spell. Look at their facebook and instagram. Stopped in and was told CBD and THC are "about the same thing"...It's a disgrace, this place has gone to the birds." -KushTrees420

Best place in town, hands down!

Excellent location and very knowledgeable staff! Ive been coming here for two years now and this place has been consistently awesome! I love the great selection of beautiful flowers, potent concentrates, and finger licking edibles. I also appreciate how everything is professionally tested to assure superb quality. I love you Rose City Fire!!

New Mgmt & better Top Shelf Meds

I am a longtime OMMP card holder, and have been coming to the Portland CannaConnection since it opened. I loved the previous owners and the dab lounge; I would come every Friday for happy hour, and always leave VERY happy ! The Portland CannaConnection has recently undergone a bit of a face lift. New owner & new management, but the same employees from before (mostly.) The inside of the shop looks great ! There have painted the walls, put up an awesome electronic flat screen menu board and there are couches to have a seat if they get a bit busy. I will admit, the quality of the medicine is BETTER THAN IT USED TO BE ! I used to come here more for atmosphere and fun, and would sometimes make a bigger purchase over a few dabs. They had some strains that were amazing in smell, taste and potency. I bought the Conspiracy Kush which was DELICIOUS. I also got a Marionberry Coffee Cake from Elbe's edibles that knocked my socks off. I wish I had gotten the name of the girl who helped me; she had quite a few tattoos, including one on her head. She was like a tiny marijuana encyclopedia. She *really* knew her stuff, and was extremely helpful in helping me choose a potent edible that would help me sleep. TWO THUMBS UP FOR THE NEW PCC, ROSE CITY FIRE !

This place is AWFUL now.

This club used to be the best spot in town. Great people, meds and atmosphere. There seem to be some new owners - who know zero about cannabis and can't even spell. Look at their facebook and instagram. Stopped in and was told CBD and THC are "about the same thing"...It's a disgrace, this place has gone to the birds :(

The best in Portland!

This has been my go-to spot for nearly two years. The environment is great, the staff is friendly, and they always have a good selection of high quality flowers, concentrates, and edibles. Always fun on Friday's during happy hour.


hey ya'll, grassfed here. I've been to many clubs around town and i always come to canna connection over and over. this place has it all, great meds, hash bar, and awesome staff. and yes they have a happy hour! every friday 2-5, complimentary goodies, medicine, and tea. i really do love it here, the artwork is great, and it is a very pleasant atmosphere. and HURRAY no door fees!

Great Shop

Meds great, staff great, med viewing great, packaging great, very fair pricing...and oh yea..did I say Meds great?? "The Fire"....WHOA!!. One visit will lead to many return visits, I promise you!
The Portland Canna Connection
Portland East
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When clubbing PCC is the shit!

First club I've been to when I got my card over 2 years ago. It sets the standard for what a cannabis club should be. After trying various ways of admission settling for the "no door" fee was the clincher. Used to get all my flower there but have since evolved into a concentrate dabber and am not looking back. CHANGED MY LIFE for the better! Amazing staff and owners allow for good conversation and a relaxed safe (no darts) eviro to medicate. I highly recommend visiting for new or the "eperienced" consumer. You'll make it your new staple. Enjoy! : )

the friendliest, coolest place to shop & medicate!

i am a musician and have been around cannabis for a while now and have been going around town to a lot of different places, but this location staffed by the nicest folks welcomes everyone in with open arms and provides knowledgeable and honest feedback on product and answers to questions that ommp patients, growers, and caregivers would have!

Have not been to this club in 2 years...

New oil bar, new med room nice and open floor, very clean. Meds are not the best but far from the worse i seen today. Got a few grams and will try tonight.