The People's Wellness Center

4.8 stars by 6 reviews
dispensary Eugene, Oregonrecreational
(541) 505-8100
Closed10:00am - 8:00pm

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4.8 stars

great bud & friendly staff

always happy with what I get and everyone who works here is super nice!!

First day back

Nice staff, great music, and great product!

HIGHly recommend!

Great group of employees, manager and owner is awesome as well. Great selection with top notch quality

Truly Impressed. Eugene's Hidden Treasure

I like going to multiple dispensaries, seeing different products, and seeing how different places do things differently. That being said, this is definitely my favorite! This is the hidden treasure! The employees are so friendly yet still efficient. They know the answers to my many questions or immediately look up the info I need. I am a med patient but I just got my card at the 6 month mark. These people helped every way they could find to help. With knowledge and motivation to help a random person with chronic pain and PTSD. They always had tips and suggestions for me. This is like the small town neighborhood market where you stop by and everyone knows you, or like the old show Cheers and you're Norm. Check this place out. With my dispensary-hopping experience, I can say, you can't beat the service here. Also, the products.... dank. If you know what that means, you know that one word is enough! They get you back super fast and things are displayed so you can actually see them. Also, parking you can get in and out of.... at least those are pluses for me haha

Best in Town

Best service in town, marched with some of the best buds in town! Love the extensive collection of top shelf strains from local growers like Sugartop Buddery! The have a huge clone selection, a "budding" selection of glass and accessories. I'm definitely coming back!

Best Bud for the Buck

Gorilla Glue #4 THC 24.61% CBD 0.11% THCA 26.16% CBN 0.09% Very good weed smoked for recreational purposes