Ready To Roll Pre-Ground (Indica) - .5oz / 14g

Product description

The Roll To Roll bag from Old Pal has got you set with a 1/2 ounce of pre-ground quality cannabis and everything you need to roll—custom Old Pal pure, unbleached hemp rolling papers and crutches—in a resealable pouch. So when you need a mellow, calming mini-vacation, you’re ready to roll. Sharing is encouraged. Weight: .5oz  / 14g  (approximately 28 .5g joints)

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2 reviews

10 months ago
5 stars


This is basically the same stuff they put in your fancy expensive pre-rolls (or better) but you just have to do it yourself. It doesn’t really look good but it tastes, smells, and feels great. I find rolling to be cathartic so it’s a win win. The quality of the highs (I have all 3 blends) feel super curated and thoroughly enjoyable but I’m just getting started with the bags. Regardless, it’s a very economical buy for the frequent smoker. You don’t necessarily need to put it in joints, but the grind is pretty fine so watch out with a chillum or something. I imagine it would be perfect for vaporizers.
6 months ago
5 stars

New wave

I put this in the level as portabs. I think this will be a very big thing when weed is bigger and more open law wise. It just like a pack of preground tobacco, it also comes with nice rolling papers. Weed wise- it’s a lower mid but the feeling was there. I found it best in a bong but it would work kinda anything but a one hitter and if you don’t roll tight blunts. Price- this is the best price that I have seen on weed from a depo it’s about $5-6ish a gram. If you can get an oz for 160 it’s the same price(pre gram) but you have to black market which I low-key recommend bc “government weed” is to expensive and the only way to lower is to stop buying it and also it would be better then this.
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