Infused Peanut Butter

Product description

With a swift flick of the wrist, glide Detroit Fudge Company Peanut Butter over a fresh slice of bread and enjoy the nutty goodness of this cannabis-infused spread. Perfect for any snack, enjoy the creamy and delicious taste of crushed dry roasted peanuts and premium THC. Detroit Fudge Company Peanut Butter crafts a versatile peanut butter spread that adds the perfect touch of THC to any meal.

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6 reviews

2 years ago
5 stars

Bud lover

Great taste great potency well worth every penny paid!
4 stars

Low on Potency

Love the product. The taste is great and it doesn’t taste like weed. The only issue is getting to 60mg. Gotta use a lot to get to that, and peanut butter goes fast. If there was a way where I can use less to get to the potency that I need, that would be my only concern. Definitely recommend!
10 months ago
4 stars

Highly effective 😌

A teaspoon and I'm good for the first half of my day. I love that you can't taste or smell the THC. Worth the $
10 months ago
1 star


wish i could grab some of this in windsor ontario lol fk sakes
12 months ago
5 stars

1 year ago
5 stars

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