The Hunny Pot Cannabis Co.

1.4 stars by 91 reviews
dispensaryToronto, Ontariorecreational
Closed10:00am - 10:00pm

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1.4 stars

Overpriced, terrible quality.

The weed is always old. Never good quality and you pay way too much. Set up is nice but the quality of weed is more important so I don’t waste my time here.


There is a reason they don’t have a menu. They don’t want you to see it. That simple folks.


ive been there twice. one time I stood in multiple lines,in the rain.once inside it was huge with multiple people to help serve the customers. only problem with that is;:there was more employees than cuztomers….why did we have to wait in the rain? also the employees didn't seem to know anything about what they were selling. you also cannot see what you buy,its thc % or how much it costs. they ask you what you like then steer you to something they want to sell.almost as if they work on commission. stood in 3 lines.had 3 people talk to me before I even entered the place,then had two more help me with their ipads,then I got to purchase what I ordered....each step having a line. the product was mediocre. time #2 went there while on a walk with my dogs allowed.dealvreaker. I will put up with waiting in a line,even multiple lines.i will buy your crappy product.i will be overserved...but I WILL NOT RETURN because you insulted me and my dog. nova canibus is just down the street.theyre nice and allow dogs. my recommendation.the pots the same ...crap.but you don't wait in a line and its dog friendly :O


this place is joke with out the humor people r selling weed right outside this store and it actually good to severly better then hunnypots garbage grass trimmings

ghost town

Just walk past here on any given day to see how dead it is. Their set up is a joke. They will have like 5 people outside another 5 inside and thats how they make it seem like its busy- well its dead. lolol go to any other NORMAL dispensary AKA- not government run, and its fuckin booming. Im in the process of growing my own right now just in case the few illegal ones still open close down. Aint nobody going to these shit hole "legal" dispensaries. You'd have to be floating on your last brain cell if you do. I could see if they were giving this stuff away for free (thats all its worth) but in fact, they are price gouging the shit out of everyone instead...for absolute bush!!!!!!! This place is a joke and an embarrassment


People need to be able to have the option to come in and find what they want on thier own if they want to without a so called bud tender (sales person) uncomfortably breathing down thier neck trying to sell the most expensive product. I have been using cannabis for longer than the people working in the store have been alive, I dont need anyone following me around and hunny pot is the only place that insists on this the other places are smarter than you and better in other ways. My business goes elsewhere.


went online to look at so called “ocs” products, expected to find these in store (stupidly). turns out they didnt...i wanted an indica oil with 25+ mg/ml thc, first they said they had something “like” that in stock then said they didnt have it in the larger bottle. the lady was nice enough but then sold me a smaller bottle of indica oil (25ml instead of 40) and when i questioned her about the thc level she kept reassuring me that it was the “same just in a smaller bottle”. paid 60$+ for only 10ml/mg of thc !! should have reconsidered but it was so busy huge line behind me + nowhere to park (i was parked illegally in the alley) so felt panicked. would order online if i could but i live with my parents currently-ridiculous there are no other storefront “legal” ocs places in toronto, except for 2 literally 10 minutes from eachother in the downtown core. ridiculous. no parking. extremely difficult to reach for those in the West end. i expected to see the ocs products online in store...

Worst weed ever! Got dry as fuck pre-crushed seeds

The worst place to go. I asked for 3.5gm of weed and what I get is powdered shit with seeds crushed with it.

Shitty overpriced weed! Do not go here!

Thought maybe Id stop by and try some legal cannabis and boy did I regret it big time. Buds were all overprice, dry and id be nice to not call their weed bush. Thank god I found a place called God's Gift on weedmaps. These guys are super professional and friendly but more importantly, they have top notch quality stuff on a whole other level for way cheaper! On top of that they deliver to you in under an hour discreetly. You can contact them at 437 221 1147 and you can also thank me later ;)

First time visit

I loved my first experience. The staff was very organized and gave a background of each product and what does what. Prices are reasonable. Great job!

Weed for yuppies

This weed was very dry and packaged from February 2019 the girl helping me didn’t know what a “Q” was and I knew right there I didn’t belong here haha I’m going back to the black market I gave legal a try, for those who are new to Cannabis or like the idea of legal weed shops enjoy paying taxes for garbage weed. The whole store looks very organized and professional, but it’s just a front to scam people with shitty weed that’s over-price.


Um how come you legal dispensaries don’t put up a menu like the rest of the places do/did if you guys are so much better then the illegal dispensaries?

So disappointing

Decided to try it out. Waited over an hour in the line outside. Another 15 min wait inside in another line. The bud was not nice looking. Nothing very appealing. Bought two grams. Excessive packaging. So wasteful. Not very good bud. I'll stick with the black market, thanks.


Bad customer service. the only person who talked to me was the security guard to ask for my ID. I'll take my money elsewhere


stop going to these guys they are a waste of time call 4372201327 for some realshit same day delivery


This stuff is so dry when you bust it, that it literally turns to dust. Not impressed, the effects ...not there .. I do not recommend this place , waste of money!!


I bought a quarter from there to try it out. A quarter is 7 grams for all u dummies out there. I recieved 2 separate containers one with 30.4 grams and the other had 32.1 grams. Can someone explain to me why a LEGAL dispensary is ripping me off when the illegal ones give me spot on counts for better product and prices? This place takes advantage of people who have never bought from a dispensary and that don't know anything about weed! A poor excuse for a dispensary, I hope they all get hit by a bus because they're all scammers.


dirtyyy dry weed wish i could get a refund for this reggie

Ripping off uneducated customers

This place sucks expensive low quality dry bud taking advantage of customers due to there certification of a “legal” dispensary.

Ocs product

Just stick to black market guys.Really hope they loose all customers and close for good