The Hunny Pot Cannabis Co.

1.5 stars by 117 reviews
dispensaryToronto, Ontariorecreational
Closed10:00am - 10:00pm

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1.5 stars


Waste of time and fu of regret

just go to Nova. 5 min walk

at least 25 percent cheaper. this store is clear indication that people will pay anything. bubba kush 3.5g $95 plus tax. @nova it's $65. #nuffsaid

Don't waste your time (and money!!!)

From the time you allowed into the purchasing area, you're pounced on by sales staff. This is to get you in and out as quickly as possible, nobody is allowed to meander through the store taking their time to make a decision. Prices are super-inflated. Black market 1/2 oz = $100. At the Hunny Pot, a QUARTER oz. cost me $135. NOTE: You need to get there when it opens - If you go in the late afternoon, selection is extremely limited - only bought because we waited so long to get into the place. Never going back!

Great time

I went their for my first time today and all that staff were incredibly friendly and did not pressure me and made me feel very comfortable would recommend to others


again, just like every other legal store their selection was weak with only one strain above 15% in a single gram and the lineup is outrageous. i feel sorry for everyone in line.

Government Monopoly

Why are they hiding their Menu? Too expensive? Totally crappy products? And of course there are No deals when your dealing with Our Government! Hey government.... you got this ALLLLLL WRONG!! I wont shop somewhere where they are hiding their products and pricing.... Why cant you show us what your selling.... a little suspicious I'd say!!!

Crap is crap

The stupid government has blown this totally. The black market is the only recourse. Best deals best bud from BC delivery services. Eff the government. I was getting better bud in the 1980s.

Quebec quàity bud AAAA

I have quebec 4a dry flowers to sell for the low. Rainbow kush 4a pfjp @ protonmail . com

Sweet looking place, not so sweet bud

Line moves quick, awesome looking place. Front desk was helpful, but the MK ultra was not sticky at all. It was dry, and stands no chance to things you can get on the streets. Pretty disappointing to pay premium prices and tax on sub-par weed. I don’t know if I’ll go back. An online menu is needed too. It’s good that the place is legal though.

Sadly, All Look & No Show

With two separate visits to this shop, they had every chance to make me a satisfied customer. This place doesn't even treat the paying customer well, and the product I purchased was completely substandard. I went back to exchange or get a recommendation for something else and the floor manager didn't even try to sell me something. Waste of time and money.

Bait and switch

The weed they show isn’t the weed they sell. Overpriced. Also the date on the package was January 2019 and I purchased in July. Needless to say the weed was over dry and under weight. Bullshit government bunk.

Expensive bad attention

Same product online wwwocs ca, I bought 2 Gr and pay 5 dollar more than the web site ... also the cashier made a mistake and give me half Gr. I notice after open the box .. finally the store charge the half Gr and refund the 1 Gr... I try to exchange but is store policy time only online ...

More like Sh!tty Wok

Ok so I thought I’d check out a different legal location. If you can get passed the overly gaudy decor I still wouldn’t recommend this place. The one thing they have going for it is that you can line up inside and you will then be set up with a customer service representative. The line still takes a while (again it was about 20 minutes) but at least you don’t have to be on the street like some kind of chump. The staff are really nice and pleasant and will ask you all kinds of questions to match you up with the right strain. The real kicker is that you CAN NOT see the product. Again this is another instance of being able to shop for the EXACT SAME products you can find online with none of the benefits. Again this does not bode well for the “legal” weed industry in Ontario when every place else does it better. My advice is to save your time and just order online if you need to be a law abiding citizen.

Terrible quality and overpriced

The quality of the weed is bad, and overpriced for what you get.

A Pretty Fine Establishment

Went for the first time the other day after the Cafe raids. Given the reviews, I was expecting a grimy experience. I had a nice time. The line moved quickly, the people were great. The place was clean and professional, and I wasn't mad at the prices. If you've shopped OCS before, you know what you're getting, and the prices aren't necessarily as good as you can get elsewhere. But still, I enjoyed my experience. Got an eighth of solid bud with no stem or seed for 35 bucks. I'd go back.


Deceiving and disappointing

The display sample was completely different than what I recieved. Extremely expensive. Full of stems, barely trimmed, it was all broken up tiny pieces of stemmy nugs. Completely different than the big nugs that were on display for that strain. I feel completely ripped off. The interior of the store looked nice but that is literally the only highlight


Shitty store front in a fucking anxiety attack of a set up with crack heads behind the counter selling over priced ocs stock and can't even keep track of what's in store, waited 20 mins in line for nothing.... Fuck this shitty place

Good stuff

The guys are really friendly and know what they are doing. I hot the white russian that was the best I have ever smoked. I would recommend this place to friends and family.

Horrible .0001 / 10