Platinum Lavender Kush (25.7% THC) - Enlightenment Shelf

Indica | The High Church

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This batch is extremely purple, Her highest quality yet. Platinum Lavender is a great strain if you're generally stressed out or anxious most of the time. This strain helps you get rid of stress and helps you get a good night's sleep. It makes you happy and lifts up your mood. The strain makes you feel euphoric and lazy. It will make the right parts of your brain relax, and will help you get rid of any kind of pain you might be experiencing in any part of your body. Platinum Lavender has a very spicy yet flowery smell. Type: Indoor ※ Genetics Platinum OG X Lavender Kush ※ THC: 25.7% ※ Grow Type: Indoor ※ Grown by The High Church Farms
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