The Happy Camper Cannabis Company

4.6 stars by 15 reviews
dispensary Bailey, Coloradorecreational
(303) 816-0420
Open Now 9:00am - 6:45pm

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4.6 stars

Friendly and professional

Thanks for a great shopping experience.


This is one of my favorite shops! Allison and The Happy Camper team roll out the red carpet each time I stop by! I keep telling myself it has something to do with me but this is how they treat ALL their customers: highly valued. And the pricing on the wide variety of cannabis products shows the love! PUREVIBE gladly recommends a top notch shop like The Happy Camper Cannabis Company!

Friendly Place, not great prices

The store was nice, I got a good deal on edibles, but the price for concentrate cartridges was ridiculous. $35 for a 1/2 g. I can get a 1g cartridge for lower than that price some places. Ok prices for flower.

Simply the best!

Great quality and excellent customer service. They are always very helpful with any questions I may have.when we go.

Great bud, but....

I live near THC and have been going there since it opened. To start, they DO have good quality bud! There have been a few times that I have found seeds, but that isn't a common occurrence here. The reason for the 3 of 5 rating is based on cost. The CHEAPEST you will ever get an 8th for here is $35. That is if you get their bottom shelf green at happy hour pricing (9-11am, Mon-Fri). First off, Happy Hour use to be 20% off everything. At least for flower they seemed to have decreased it to 10%, which they did very subtly. They didn't really announce the change, you just had to be aware of what you were being charged at the time. For me, $3 off of an eighth isn't an incentive for me to go here regularly. Typically you will be paying $38 ,bottom shelf, to $50, top shelf. Now, the bottom and top shelf is another reason for the 3 of 5 rating. I went to this dispensary one day, bought bud as I often had at that time, and then a few days later came back to re-up. My guess is the owner(s) saw another way just to make money, as all of the sudden they had a "silver" and a "gold" shelf. Before this change all of their bud was the same price. The EXACT same strain that I bought 2-3 days earlier was now $5 more a gram, making it $17 a gram total. From my perspective they are just making it look like some is better than others so they can put a higher price tag on it. This is not the type of place that I want to be a regular at. The other places I go to also have different prices on strains, but it makes sense. One may be cheaper because it is pop-corn buds, or it may be more expensive because its actually really a special strain. I have been going into Lakewood and the surrounding areas for my bud, and for the same quality and often better, I'm able to find 8ths regularly that are $15-30 an eight, with even better deals if you buy in higher amounts. I can't justify THC's prices just because they are near by. The staff is extremely nice and has always been knowledgeable, they have a decent selection , and they are one of the few dispensaries in our area of Park County. They do have a loyalty program, but I easily and quickly figured out that the consumer will spend much more to earn the 1 dollar 8th, or whatever you choose, then you would at another dispensary.The staff often forgets to add your points as well, so if you aren't paying attention each visit then you don't even get rewarded for shopping there. This place certainly plays its part! Just for me, it isn't my "one stop shop" anymore. The 1 hr roundtrip drive down into the Lakewood area is more than worth it for me.

Denver get-away

We live in Denver but we have seen Happy Camper concentrates sold around town, so we took a day trip up to Bailey to see the actual store! It was a super fun day, Happy Camper is located up a little incline in a mountain area so the whole drive is interesting. The store itself is small and intimate. They had great products, from flower, concentrates and even seeds! We will be back for the seeds when we have our grow set up! There is even a frisbee golf course around the corner, can't wait to visit again!!

Great place

Their happy hour can’t be beat. Quality amongst the best in Colorado.

Lots of Seeds

I've been in a few times. The product is very good, but the last time I got seeds galore. That cost them a star on bud quality. The atmosphere is very nice. It's a pleasant shopping experience. The budtenders are generally very good. Honestly, the prices are the only reason I don't go there regularly.

Always quality product

Great shop in my opinion. Quality product and professional staff. I would recommend stopping in your on this side of the mountain.

Use to love the place

They added a pushy security gard, real downer. I'll head to Alma from know on.


Love everything except price and product

The best on the mountain

I want to say thank you to the staff for understanding the true medical properties of cannabis. I have a few different anxiety disorders and they picked the best strains on the shelf to help with my needs. I have to say the choices they recommended were spot on. They were able to help me with some issues with a pen but all was cleared with a simple visit to the shop Love you guys

Great Shop

Great Atmosphere, Staff, and Service. Stop in every time I am in Bailey.


I just switched over to the happy Camper product and I'm loving it


Great place, great quality and very friend staff. Welcome guys to the mountains.