The Happiest Camper

4.3 stars by 76 reviews
dispensaryReading, Michiganmedical
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4.3 stars

kyle stowell

you need better product. this is medical....not where you can sell moldy ass back yard weed. your selling trash. came in the other day spent last ten bucks. just to get home to the nastiest tasting crap. ill never spend money hear again. ill go to green tree relief. where the product is a hell of a lot better..... verry disappointed.
The Happiest Camper
Coldwater / Reading
We're sorry about your experience. If you'd like to return your product, please feel free.
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I love it

Super awesome staff and prices love this place

Extremely Friendly

Bryce was very friendly, and knowledgeable. All around good experience.

Great visit!

New in town- actually new 20 miles from town and pleasantly surprised to find not one but two- you heard me correctly- TWO provisioning centers! I was greeted by a very personable young gal who took greeted me immediately and led be back into the inner sanctum after taking care of the usual paperwork. Nice room, nice selection, nice people Hmmm.... They really ARE happy campers here and after my visit I was as well! I was a pain in the butt patient picking up a sample platter, per se', one of those work ya for a wee little order, one of those, and" just a gram, please, of some of that" patients and still I was treated as if I was dropping some serious money no rush, great advice, and just a nice comfortable vibe fro me. m the two fine young fellas who took care of me. Thanks guys- well done. Nice selection and one particular edible that'll knock your socks off and leave enough in your budget for another one! nkind It was really nice to see two shops two doors apart, both seemingly doing well, both friendly, and neither had a word to say about they other. Well done- keep it classy and keep up the good work Thank You!

A little disappointed for a perfectionist.

Ya know I'm really glad their close,but with no offense meant go to jackson if you can.Thank u

chill medicated suckers!

no-one has the 4 pack suckers near me...these guys do! Friendly staff!

Really good shop

This place had a really helpful staff and fair prices. Highly recommend stopping by.

Good quality, Decent Price

Was out there for first time last week, Will go back this weekend! Prices are not too bad, been to cheaper also been to places much more expensive! Overall for the money you can do alright at this shop!

old hillbilly

drove 2 hours....girls are great....prices are great.....found my new home..

Rip off

This store is a joke. They sell mildew bud and when you complain they continue to sell the same stuff to other people. They raise the prices for subpar product and they sell garbage. Everything about this place is shady along with the workers and owner. This isn’t the first time they sold moldy product but they still are open. These people are price gouging and blaming it on state licensing when they have been state licensed. Crooks Update... yes you have sold mildew product and it was brought back and it was continued to be sold after letting you know it was not medically fit to be sold. The fact that you want to deny any wrong doing just shows the type of business you are. Not to worry this will be discussed with the proper people.
The Happiest Camper
Coldwater / Reading
The laws recently changed, and we're no longer allowed to purchase product from caregivers, so it's inevitable that prices will increase. In regards to selling mildew bud, this claim is unfounded. We have never knowingly sold inadequate product, and we always allow patients to return their product if they're not happy with it. If you'd like to discuss this further, please call 517.901.0420.
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Great place

Always great product and service every time I’m in there. Definitely ranks in my top places for my meds

great flower

great selection


great buds. true to discription on menu.

Worth The Drive ...

Excellent Medication... 82 miles I drove ... Better Quality, than Any Medication that’s available in Lansing ...TL


Finally went in this place and wasn’t in there 5 minutes and I heard some negative comments from this place about the other store in town, not the way to do business in a small community. I’ll never step foot in this place again. Good luck with that attitude about a little competition.
The Happiest Camper
Coldwater / Reading
Hi, If you'd like to let us know which day you were in so we know who was making the comments, please call us at 517.901.0420. We're happy to have our neighbors around. It's good for our town. Thank you.
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Nice Price

Good dude behind counter. Polite, helpful ladies getting me signed up. Bottom shelf to high quality, every price range available. I am a happy camper!

the name says it

great meds

Really Nice place

Flower is good and prices are pretty decent. Workers are nice and helpful

I’m a happy camper!

Close to home. Nice range in product and in price. Love the kief!

Not accurate

Here’s the problem, most places are not keeping up on their deals and it can be irritating. Weedmaps is a tool for both customers and the dispensaries as well. When other reviewers say people should stop bashing on dispensaries well that’s what reviews are for and that’s to voice your opinions. Successful dispensaries stay up on the web based advertising and if they don’t they are lazy and deserve criticism. Happiest camper is no exception. Don’t use the app if you are not prepared to maintain your information