Gelato Cartridge


Effect:  Focusing but Creative. Happy!


Taste: Imagine berry and citrus mixed with flower grown in the woods - as a gelato dessert flavor.


Popularity:  #3.  It's well liked, especially by more cannabis-taste purists.


First Born:  5/4/19 and first sold at Medicine Man in Anne Arbor, MI.


Sizes:  1 gram.   1/2 gram limited-edition.     

With independent lab-tested potency results on every box, you’ll know you can trust every puff. You get exactly what’s promised with never less than 80% potency.  Always pure with no diluents, Presto! delivers on the first puff and tastes like it's name.


Presto! uses GENUINE Jupiter Research L6 Advanced Resin CCELL Cartridges.  This is the Mercedes-Benz of 510 cartridges with Ceramic tips - not plastic, glass, or worse - metal.   Jupiter's L6’s Reactor™ coils are specifically designed for high viscosity oils. This is exactly what Presto! is because we DO NOT CUT YOUR THC OIL. 


With Presto! you're vaping pure distilled flower in its natural potency.  95% of a half or full gram cartridge is the distilled flower oil and 5% are terpenes.  Terpenes give vapes their taste, aroma and what activates the "entourage" effects when terpenes combine with THC and CBD from Presto!'s distilled flower.  


We aren't an all-for-profit recreational company.  Our company is Pure Green, LLC and our primary focus is developing micro-dose cannabis medicines safe for long-term use following FDA manufacturing practices.  Pure Green makes pure cannabis medicines in dissolving tablet form, edible form and as vapes.  


What makes Presto! different than all the other licensed vapes in Michigan?    Our commitment to purity.  Pure truth in what we say and promise to you. Using the purest components in the making of great products we're proud and humbled to be allowed to create. Most of all, when you puff Presto! you are supporting a pure mission. 


Since early 2015, we continue to pour our primary energies and invest much of our profits into creating and earning FDA approvals for pharmaceutical-grade cannabis medicines that treat serious anxieties, PTSD and opioid addictions.  Our patent-pending Pure Green Melt-Under-the-Tongue Tablets are the safest way to use cannabis as medicine for daily use.  Most life-changing of all, they don't get patients high!  This is perfect for parents, aunts. pastors and professionals.  Maybe even you when you can't Presto!


Presto! and Pure Green are Cannabis as Medicine.

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5 stars

Great Medicine

Awesome company that has great and consistent products. They are high Quality and display the Thc/cbd%

Great brand

Always a good product

Presto is the bomb

One of the best. Gelato is fantastic!

my favorite

This is my favorite Presto cart. It consistently delivers on both taste and effectiveness.

Presto gelato

Good taste

Flavor of the gods

Nuff said. Love it.

im with my man below

let me start bought 5 carts today at "five and dime" met the nice vendor giving me all her main recommendations.. first one opened is the gelato.. not looking like a 1 gram just looking at it might be .8 give. or take(just my judgement) ,unsure if the jupitar cartridges are a bit larger (idk)... i can say its kinda harsh but nice after taste doesnt burn my nose ... HIGHLY RECOMMEND.. other 4 carts reviews coming soon .. Thanks.

Agree best flavor

Best flavor in the line up..actually is a bit harsh which I enjoy.. If I were to buy them it would be all gelato! And only 5/100.. Also, I’ll reconsider buying when the PC’s clear all the .7 / .8 carts from their inventory...

Best Flavor so far

Tried this flavor and loved it! The only problem is air holes clogging near end as it almost empty. It could be from me dropping it a couple times. But still works unlike other glass carts that can easily crack. If you like fruitier carts try this one first!

Liz was so nice at healing tree!

I got a free shirt and some stickers was my second time buying presto. Bought 15 carts my first time. Bought 10 the second they are so good!!! Love and rep presto hardcore new favorite carts. Gelato is supreme one flavor and high!

It’s Presto

If it ain’t Presto it ain’t right period.
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