Tyson Cookies

$50.00per 1/8 oz
Product description
Total THC26.2%

Tyson Cookies (3.5 grams 1/8th)

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3 reviews

2 days ago
5 stars

DURBAN cookies y’all

If you take 2 min to read abt Tyson ranch you’ll find that Tyson cookies are not simply gsc but a cross of cookies and more Durban hence the piney taste and sativa leaning effects. And what a fantastic cut it is. If I hadn’t known I would’ve thought it was a platinum cut of OGKB and we just don’t see much high quality old school cookies genes anymore. Grown and cured perfectly the flower looks like an indica but leans toward the Durban in every other aspect. Everything abt this is amazing as long as you know what you’re getting. Good job Tyson Ranch. I picked this up at my local dispensary Golden Gate Cannabis Co. For under $25 an 1/8. Big shout out to everyone making flowers like this at prices like these in places that are easily accessible. After smoking a gram I went and bought 3 more 1/8’s. A half of Tyson Ranch for $80otd. Doing it right in SF.
6 months ago
4 stars

Yeah this is *not* a GSC strain, despite the name

I agree with the prior review - this is a sativa-dominant hybrid of some type or another. But to me, this has a very strong Jack Herer taste - like SUPER strong Jack flavor profile. That's very cool and I liked this flower a lot, but the name is definitely a bit misleading; this isn't some forum cut of GSC, which is what the name kinda seems to imply.
6 months ago
4 stars

its ok

its ok but the name is misleading as far as the flavor profile taste nothing like cookies to me it actually smells and tastes like some ol school train wreck
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