Product description

Powerful, euphoric relaxation and earthy, sweet flavors have made Hellfire one of Glass House Farms’ go-to offerings. If your mood and creativity want room to soar, and you’ve got time off from being productive, this strain will send you high above it all, then cradle you back to earth in a heavy, soothing embrace. You can trust that Hellfire will take you higher. Despite the name. 

Feelings: Euphoric, Loose, Relaxed

Flavor: Earthy, Sweet, Lemon

Usage: Daydreaming, Mood-boosting, Bliss-experiencing

Lineage: Rascal’s OG Kush with SFV OG Kush

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17 reviews

3 months ago
3 stars

Chill hybrid

Nothing crazy but it’s chill
12 months ago
5 stars

Straight fire

You know when you smoke a joint and start getting stoned as you smoke it? This is that weed. Straight fire
12 months ago
5 stars


8 months ago
5 stars

straight 💣

Super taste smoke 💨 fresh sticky everything 💣 everything glass house farms makes of 💣 must try
12 months ago
5 stars

Heavy duty!

The odor isn’t all that powerful, but be careful don’t let that fool you - this bud will get you lit quickly. Also, the price for this type of fire bud is unbeatable.
5 months ago
5 stars

Hella Fire

nice indica taste very good high thc percentage
7 months ago
5 stars

Excellence at its best

Relaxing high and smooth smoke
8 months ago
4 stars

Not bad at all but not the best GH strain

An 1/8th lasts me 3-4 days that's why I love GH! But this strain lasts only 2.5 days which means I have to puff more of it to get the same feeling. It has a hell fire burn creeper sensation, meaning it creeps up strong but doesn't have that Fire OG initial hit have to keep smoking to feel that premium buzz but not with the OGs they have. 1. Fire OG 2. True OG 3. berry fire 4. hell fire 5. GG4 6. Chocolate chip 7. wifi go enjoy!
8 months ago
4 stars

hell yeah.

hit me hard after first toke. great body buzz. great for night.
8 months ago
4 stars

Another pleasing example from Glass House Farms.

Shout out to TheraLeaf dispensary in San Jose. I got some and I enjoyed it very much. Burns clean, fluffy white ash. Smokes well out of raw papers. Tasty all the way to the roach. I suspect some noobies posting reviews here on WeedMaps are grinding their buds whole including the hidden center stem and smoking all that wood. May I suggest you remove center stems before grinding. Anyway, I give a solid thumbs up for Hellfire from Glass House Farms. For me it had everything appealing, gorgeous looking, perfect manicure, perfect dry & cure, sticky, pungent aroma, totally enjoyed. I would buy again.
12 months ago
4 stars

A Mid-shelf win

Ive enjoyed most strains offered from Glass House, but Hellfire is my favorite, so far. Hellfire has some punch to it. Good physical and cerebral buzz. I get the Indica finish that I’ve come to expect. Have fun, then get ready to put your feet up. Might be best to avoid daytime use. For 35 bucks an 1/8th it’s hard to do better
7 months ago
3 stars


although a little dry i really like the effects of this strain but would not pick this up again the fire og was on point.
8 months ago
3 stars

Hellfire Seeds

I purchased a jar of this it's okay it had no taste and I had to smoke a lot of it. NOW if you want to grow this strain Go to Homegrown Cannabis Co. They have Hellfire OG Feminized Seeds. This will not be in my tent and I have been growing since 1985. The Seeds out of San Diego no more confiscated from customs.
7 months ago
2 stars


It’s only 25 bucks so I’m far from crying here...produces decent indica effects. Smells like something, which is better than smelling like dry hay. I’d have to recommend skipping this strain from GHF’s.
8 months ago
2 stars


Was expecting this to be some sort of og kush since it’s two different og’s crossed but it’s some kind of purple punch cross as far as flavor profiles and noticeably not as potent as their og’s and other indicas like fatso and 3x chocolate chip etc. Its way more dry than their strains normally are which is unusual as it was packed 1/21/21 so all around a head scratcher and a miss for me
6 months ago
1 star

Not potent

Looks ok hardly any smell and low potency major fail
4 months ago
1 star

dry and seal was not on it

i dont even blame the store this was a quality control problem get another strain
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