Dream Walker

$30.00per 1/8 oz
Product description
Total THC20.0%
Total CBD0.1%

10% Indica, 90% Sativa. This hybrid has double the blueberry genetics making it sweet in flavor. It is known to provide a beautiful body high, which is balanced by a cerebral Sativa head high.  Perfect for hiking, picnics, concerts, and other summer events as Dream Walker provides a peaceful, energetic rush to enhance your activity of choice.

Autumn Brands is a family/50% women-owned company. We grow pesticide-free plants on our farm in coastal Santa Barbara County. All of our flowers are hang dried and hand-trimmed with a 10-day minimum cure before packaging. We Produce all our prerolls and hand fill all our jars on-site to ensure the highest quality, plus they come with a humidity pack to keep it that way. What that means for you is consistency and quality you can trust every time because we don't rely on sourcing from other farms. We’re on a continual harvest schedule meaning we produce products all year round, so buy with confidence knowing that Autumn Brands is as fresh as they get. We also believe in leaving the planet a better place so we're indoor sun-grown(greenhouse), we recycle our water and plant stalks and don't spray any pesticides or fungicides. We strive to use sustainable/recycled packaging and encourage you to reuse them. From our family to yours we thank you for the support!


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26 reviews

2 months ago
5 stars

Great head high sativa for $28 @indacut

The 8th jar comes with a humidifier pack which keeps the weed super fresh. The nugs aren’t the most impressive looking but the weed grinds fluffy, smokes white, and tastes great! It leaves you with a strong head high and for $28 this is a great pickup.
10 days ago
5 stars


If you want some good Blue Dream try this!
1 month ago
3 stars


I got this new batch and it’s my first time trying autumn brands, it looked good and smelt decent but it jusy doesn’t get me high, it has lots of stems and I feel like it should be a little lower for the price, You can get better for less honestly.
1 year ago
5 stars

Solid Sativa

Great for anytime. Doesn't have a hard crash like some other sativas, guess that's the 10% indica working. Definitely a good to brand with a few other strains Autumn has been pushing out.
2 years ago
5 stars

Mmm, mmm,good.

Score another for AB. Thanks to Beach Center in Torrance for stocking such Great MJ; It flew off the shelf real quick,more please.😁
2 years ago
5 stars


this is great stuff, sounds like that alyangel88 chick got scammed by her delivery service and they swapped out the buds lol.
10 months ago
5 stars

One of my favorites

Great bud. I recommend it.
1 year ago
5 stars

Bomb Sativa Dominant

3 years ago
5 stars


My boyfriend and I recently order some of this and the high was so nice! I was active and alert but nice and toasted. Like any sativa, if you smoke enough, you’ll be on your ass, but it was a nice mellow awake high.
3 months ago
5 stars


im smoking this with my pax3 rn and it tastes like skittles like literal skittles. so good
6 months ago
5 stars


Killer flavor, great potent high; a favorite of this sativa lover.
3 years ago
4 stars

Dreamwalker 🔥

This shit will get you Lit while still being active
8 months ago
4 stars

Good high

I ve sprinkled it a bit with wax,so good for long sightseeing
12 months ago
4 stars

great daytime strain really keeps you from slumping in the couch , very high sativa
1 year ago
4 stars

its really good 4stars

just sit back and watch TV r. MOVIE THATS ALL I could do Relaxing... 2/6/2020
11 months ago
4 stars

20% Sativa

Very nice looking flower and the service was great....thanks!!
3 years ago
2 stars

Mine was tested 10% thc

I ordered this from a delivery service. It smells and tastes amazing. The description said 20% thc mine is only 10%! I have a high tolerance so it didn’t do much....
12 months ago
5 stars

10 months ago
5 stars

11 months ago
5 stars

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