The Epic Remedy Fillmore

4.6 stars by 123 reviews
dispensaryColorado Springs, Coloradomedical
(719) 434-6562
Open Now 8:00am - 8:55pm

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4.6 stars

Best place Ive found

Ihave been a memeber at many differnt dispensaries in the Springs and the best one that I have found is Epic Remedy on Fillmore. The people are the best friendliest and very helpful . My favorite person there is Adrianna she is always very pleasant and smiling and she listens to me. Love Epic Remedy.

Always make me feel welcome

The budtenders are always friendly and knowledgeable and are always there to greet patients with a smile on their faces, even when I pop in last minuteand they're just about to close up shop for the night here still incredibly welcoming and patient which I appreciate it immensely. I also love the products especially the concentrate and you can't go wrong with a shake bag 1/8 for $10!! Great dispo!

great dispo

I got the greatest customer service from Kaya, she hooked it up, great bud!!!

Love me some Epic Remedy Fillmore!

Love the staff at Epic Remedy Fillmore! Caring Budtenders + Great Deals + 🔥Choices = 😍😍😍

Love ER!

The flower is great here and Adrianna is the best! She helped me with all of the products I was curious about and got me exactly what I needed. Come here for high quality service

disappointed again.

First thing they no longer offer the $25 credit monthly. I have been a "member" here for going on three years. The prices posted are not even close to correct now. The half oz are now 55.60.65 (member) and usually only have one strain for 55. I recently purchased a half that was still too moist to smoke. When I called they told me to just "burp" the buds for a while and it will correct the problem. The point system is great if you want to spend $1000 just for a $10 discount. When I asked the budtender about the price increase she caught an attitude and said blame the government and named other local dispensaries as the reason. The paper on the door says it is because so many people are coming that they have to raise prices? Sounds like greed to me. love the dabs here but I will not be buying flower here anymore.

epic awesome

they have the best wax in town

Best all around dispensary!

You can find just about anything at a high quality here. Love the staff and especially the concentrates! Check em out!
Timmy high

bring back your bud tenders

been a member for over two years. Crystal and Alex were the best bud tenders. got rid of them got rid of $25 a month credit point system is horrible will not be returning to the ER PS had seen you on her come in at least 10 times in two years of membership and never once it even said hello

Love the wax!

Always have some fire wax in stock!

Bad service and even worse product

Rude budtenders but that is the tip of the iceberg. Tried multiple strains all of which were very harsh and unsatisfying. I've had better schwag in the 80s that was better smoking and medicating than this garbage. Bud tastes like basement. Do they have stoned monkeys growing it? look elsewhere and get better product by far and prices$$.

Always friendly and courteous

Well knowledge, friendly and authentic all come to mind when thinking of the store. With special acknowledgement to sharif, who’s always helping and insightive.

Live terp concentrate

Honestly this dispensary has the best terp cartridges in town, as far as in house cartridges go. The craft, clear, and pat pens suck compared to theirs.

So far the best dispensary I have been to yet!

I am still new to all of it but have managed to visit many others. And they are nice they all are. But this groups of people for sure go above and beyond. They don’t try to push anything. They let you look and answer all questions. They have very good deals and so far I feel their weed has given me the best results so far! I recently was back in there and I got to deal with a very smart and knowledgeable man named Alex. Alex is the one I have done business with the most. And he always makes it a fun experience, and really knows the product like the back of his hand. Not a meme we anywhere yet but this place is for sure looking more, and more of where I am probably going to call home! If you get the chance check them out you will not be disappointed !

delicious wax

Thanks to Alex for suggesting Casey's Wedding sugar wax, it's amazing!! 🔥😏 Jacki


I will keep on going to this dispensary not because the weed is super fire which it is, not because the prices are good, which they are but because of the service you get in this establishment. Alex is the best budtender in the springs. I don't even have to look in the store anymore he just grabs me what he knows I want. never has he let me down nor do I think he will. so as I fire up this joint of Colorado cream the first hits are for you Alex thanks for being the best of the best!!

Good until last time

I had a good couple visits at the epic remedy. Unfortunately last time I went I was over charged 10 dollars (was not the brotender this visit) and the cart I purchased was poor quality for the price(unlike the last). disappointing trip. They have a great selection of concentrates (without a doubt one of the best I’ve seen) and on first two trips staff was very friendly (budtender Alex was awesome). Very unfortunate what happened last time though because their carts are expensive to begin with at 50 dollars.


Shariff is the man! He’s a cool dude i usually go to the academy location he was my first ever medical bud tender so i kept going to the academy location signed up and then i didn’t see him for a bit i was like whaaaaa went to the Fillmore location and was greeted by who? SHARIFF will continue to go to this location for the wider variety due to it being slower than academy and of course the budtenders product has always been fire pre weighed half ounces is where it’s at

THE Brotender

In a city with over 100+ dispensaries, how do you stand out? Shariff is exactly how; every time. Bud is personal to him and so is your experience at ER. A good assortment of flower and products, ER and Shariff you got my plant count and business!!

Great staff !! ,

Always good vibes , great help , always coming back !!