1906 Go Drops for Energy

Product description

GO for Energy

Go is an all-natural performance enhancer made from cannabis sativa and four natural stimulants for clean energy.

A combination of caffeine and L-theanine gives you a burst of alertness, Galangal enhances focus, and theobromine increases blood flow. 

All 1906 Drops are calorie-free, gluten-free, and vegan.

Drops are made for swallowing; PLEASE DO NOT CHEW!

Every 1906 product activates within 20 minutes using a patented technology that makes them the fastest-acting edibles in the world.

5mg THC/5mg CBD per drop

20 drops per unit = 100mg THC/100mg CBD per unit

24 units per case

Sugar Free1:1 CBD/THCCBDLow DosageMedium DosageTHC
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11 reviews

28 days ago
5 stars

Changed my life!

1906 GO Drops changed my life for the better! What makes 1906 special is that there and plant-based botanicals in them, which give them the extra kick from the THC and CBD. 1906 is designed to help you do all the life stuff better and is highly functional. Yes, the GO Drops have caffeine but it’s about a cup’s worth of coffee. I feel more energized, creative, relaxed, and happy while taking the GO Drops. These Drops helped me realize that I want to be a public health entrepreneur. I personally recommend the GO Drops for listening to music (esp rock n roll is you’re into that), cleaning the house/apt, answering emails, and going through your to do list). They are a little but too much for me while working out, but prefer them after work and on Sunday’s to get stuff done.
9 months ago
5 stars

Exceeded expectations!

These really are great. At first I didn’t think they’d be a high enough dosage. 5mg didn’t seem like enough for me. The first time I took them they worked pretty quickly and didn’t make me tired like most strains do. I felt great! I was also smoking before I took them so that helped a bit. The second time, I didn’t feel like they worked at all. It was so weird! The third time I took them, I decided to double dose and it worked but seemed a bit much for what I wanted. I’ve figured out that for it to work well, you need to eat something with it. It typically doesn’t work within 20 minutes for me like it says on the label, but I’m pretty sure I have a slow metabolism because most edibles take quite a while to begin working on me. These took about an hour from start to full effect which was great. Lasted a good few hours as well. It’s really the perfect dose for when I DoorDash. I’m able to focus and control myself but still feel great. I really didn’t expect much from these little guys but they’re pretty good. Just remember to EAT WITH THEM! It helps them start moving. These are definitely on my ‘def get’ for every visit!
1 year ago
5 stars

Highly recommend, but don’t take after 6pm

I highly recommend these to anyone who needs to stay awake and have energy at the same time. I’ve been taking these for a couple weeks now, and definitely have noticed some major improvements with my overall energy. I haven’t been procrastinating at all on them, and it’s really helped me push past that mental block. Also for the first time I took one in the evening around 6PM instead of the morning. And was up till 10am the next day lol. Definitely my own fault, but wanted to see if it’d keep me up. I will also say that I used to drink pop for caffeine nonstop, and this has helped me cut out pop entirely. Take one first thing in the morning and see what it does to your day! Also be sure to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated! It’ll help jeep your momentum (at least it has for me)
1 year ago
5 stars

Great product.

This product is as advertised. It provides a nice little boost. All natural and wonderful.
6 months ago
5 stars

Struggling with mental or physical fatigue?

I love not having to deal with that intoxicated feeling, the “munchies”, or having to smell or taste the plant itself. As I hate the smell and taste of the smoke and some edibles. And I wanted to find something that I can properly function daily life on. I identify as a light weight and these drops are perfect for my tolerance level. It has done wonders for my mental health “slumps.” As I feel like some with chronic depression and anxiety will understand the “ebb and flow” situation I’m in. I was finally able to clean and declutter my apartment as well as getting other various projects done that I have been putting off...for years. Plus, it helps me with my daily exercise motivation. To say the least, this product singlehandedly helped me with my mental and physical fatigue, and gives me actually energy. And I definitely need some more energy since I also deal with thyroid problems.
11 months ago
5 stars

Life changing

These are great for energy and have replaced all other edibles for me. These with the genius are the best combination!
1 year ago
5 stars

Pretty good

These are awesome they made me feel super energized for a few hours and it wasn’t really a “stoned” type of high it was a very low key head high that was very easy to concentrate with and will definitely get you in the “zone”. I highly recommend it especially for people who need it before work to wake them up.
5 months ago
4 stars

very good

They kept me energetic for several hours. It was not really dizzy excitement, it was a low-key and confident feeling. It is very easy to concentrate, and work requires him. Especially for those who need it to wake them up before work.
1 year ago
1 star

sugar free.. but full of caffeine.

They add caffeine to this product. Why? Please only use cannabis in cannabis products.
11 months ago
1 star

Loaded with caffeine and other things

The pills (extremely hard to swallow) have a small amount of thc and cbd in them per pill. Yet, they are packed with these plant based energy supplements. The packaging does not make clear how much caffeine is in each pill. I have never had more anxiety from a cbd pill, and I’ve never been more disappointed post purchase with a product. Needs recommended dosage, and It needs to be blatantly obvious that there is caffeine.
10 months ago
1 star

Not consistent

I'm personally going to steer clear of edibles with added ingredients like caffeine. My experience with these was they hit you inconsistently.They are not fast acting as advertised. I'm thankful this experience only cost me $18.
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