The Apothecary Shoppe - Las Vegas Strip

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4.6 stars

Great products

I like their products better than anyone else, only drawback is their customer service needs to improve a little better. When a medical patient walks through the door, they are supposed to be attended right away. I’ve had experiences where I am left to fend for myself and customers that walked in after me are served. That needs to change! I don’t have a problem finding someone else for good products. Customer service is everything!
The Apothecary Shoppe - Las Vegas Strip
West Las Vegas
Thank you so much for your feedback! That is correct we have improve how we care for our medical patients. We apologize if we've alienated you from a good experience. I will pass this information along, I encourage you to give us another chance.
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great staff bad product

Went here on a promo. Freddy was my bartender. although I knew what I wanted, I wanted to test his knowledge. He did not disappoint. He is extremely knowledgeable, hes also an artist!!! Freddy scribbles on his down time. Ask him what hes drawing today and he'll show you. My meds golden ticket and fruity chronic juice were brought out by a petite chick. I asked her name its Stacey, super cute with an intoxicating smile. I'll go back but not for the weed because it's just ok and dry super dry. But because freddy was awesome with his terp knowledge and Stacey is cute for the 20 seconds I saw her. The short security called Stacey bag lady she laughed must be an inside joke. They all seem to love working with each other so that's a plus. Go for the staff not the weed. I gave it 2 stars because it's a dispensary... the weed was trash and over priced but the staff Freddy and Stacey saved this review.

Great place

This place is amazing my very first time in a dispensary and they walked me through everything and the staff was very nice excited to go back in a few days!!

Best Dispensary

I Gave The Apothecary shoppe 5 Stars Because they have Great prices, the best Service and Amazing deals...I love the fact that they give discounts not only to Medicinal, and Veterans but also to Locals and Seniors, I would love to see more variety of CBD in vapes and Tinctures, other than that the store is great I love the way its set up Fast easy number system , Like a Deli they call your number and you chosr your Weed , I picked up the Red Velvet cake bites, super moist and Dank...My Budtender was Jasara or Concierge as they call it there, If you go there check her out she knows her stuff...She can recommend some of their CBD products for pain relief or for a clear mind...

Great bud, prices and service!!

It was my first time visiting. I was welcomed with smiles by everyone. Yes, everyone. The friendly people at the entry were super inviting and even some cool-looking older dude in a suit wished me a good visit! Legit. IT'S BEAUTIFUL. Looks just like it's name would indicate. The pleasant budtender greeted me and listened to what strains and terps I like, and I said I wanted to try something new and with terps that are likely to be creativity-inspiring and happiness-inducing. She suggests Golden Ticket first (Golden Goat/Face Off OG are the genetic parentage, I think), followed by a few others. She came back to the Golden Ticket, and said that it would be the one that would give me what I was looking for. Boom. Sold. Out the door. I've been happy, energetic and relaxed since!!!!! Thank you Apothecary Shoppe!!

Great place

Best deal town

Awesome Service

Very helpful, had some great deals for my birthday!

Thanks for the bomb pre rolls.

Actually enjoyed the Straw nanna Pre rolls. Better than I expected. Thanks for the great weed and service.

Pretentious and overpriced

The store itself is really interesting but the staff, the menu and the general feel screams pretentious. As I have been to other establishments that didn’t think this highly of themselves as highly as they do. You guys are not Barneys

Very classy

Cool little store! Thanks for taking my out of state medical card and the convenience of not wait very long. Great bud! Bought a disposable pen that didn’t work. Everything else was great! Mahalo!

deals ohhhweeee

they have good deals I'm going back again

Love the vibe

The receptionist are Amazing, and your sales people right on point!!! Thank you

Dank Herb

I love The Apothecary Shoppe because of their friendly staff and service. They have a case full of baked goods that look absolutely stunning. Really great atmosphere and amazing herb.


Jay was very helpful and knowledgeable on what I was looking. The wait was NOT long at all. Definitely will be back.

Live around the corner

Weed was dry as fuck.


I know why i don’t shop here, Packed ass room with very little help. Super long wait and the weed was wack. Very pricey as well. Not sure why they won’t let u take pics like it’s a crime. I can take pics of liquor and they don’t say shit. Anyways I’m done with this joint. Very crappy experience. Oh well.

Best Experience!!!

I have had a hard time figuring it dosing for micro-dosing. My bud tender made a great recommendation and I’ll definitely be back for more!

Love the decorations in here!!!!

Very cool Las Vegas spot. Much better than most of the tourist traps in the area... totally friendly staff! Thanks guys! Xoxo

Great store

Very convenient and clean store , very knowledgeable staff and decent prices , especially for Las Vegas . The staff are very helpful and there’s always someone there to assist . Finding the right product is never difficult and check out is a breeze .

Comedy club

Prices here are a JOKE !! Flower was dry as hell. They don’t let you see or smell what you’re actually buying. Customer service was terrible. Wouldn’t recommend this place to anyone !! Greedy ass owners who trying to get rich off everyone. Fuck this lame ass shitty product having location. Don’t go here. They fucking suck