Alchemy 500mg Cartridge


Strain Specific (Indica, Sativa & Hybrid)

IT'S JUST THE INSPIRATION YOU NEED: The holy grail of cannabis. The only oil with the true effects of your favorite strain. The key to Alchemy’s effectiveness and flavor is FreshTerps™ — showcasing the full spectrum of compounds extracted from your favorite plant. Combining all of the essential elements of cannabis including terpenes and purified cannabinoids creates a superior experience. Scientists call this The Entourage Effect. And Alchemy is the only oil that captures it.

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4.3 stars

There’s a reason they’re so cheap

Most carts are distillate with weird flavoring. Bought 5 carts and the only one I used was the Chroma. I ended up giving the rest away. With all the high quality products in Colorado there’s no reason to vape the McDonalds of carts. Yeah it’ll get you high but you’ll feel bad about yourself. Oh and the carts themselves suck. If they got true CCells then it’d be a start in the right direction. I even tried their Gpods and they tasted like bitter lemonade. I’ll stick with Pure Distilled, Top Hat and others.
Hi there. Thanks for providing some feedback. We pride ourselves on our Alchemy oil as it's the most unique and popular cartridge we have on the market. It has won several awards throughout the industry so we're a bit confused on your experience. We'd love to chat with you more about it! Please shoot a message to our customer service team at
Official Response

Talk about being stoned lmao

This cart puts you on your butt lmao. It's like hitting a dab out a rig. Best cart I have ever tried hands down.

Terps Terps Terps

These babies taste so damn good! If you haven’t tried one, you’re missing out.

Fav strain specific cart

Flavor and feeling, without the harsh throat feel the next day

Great product

I have a Hybrid Pre 98 Strawberry Kush cartridge. It leaves a nice juicy sweetness in my mouth to savor. Not to mention that before I can spell cartridge I realize I’m high as fudge... mmmm fudge... Hits hard for me

5 Stars

The best Co2 oil loaded with terps. Great effects and strong flavor - especially the indicas.
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