Sour Alien OG


Sour Diesel x (Alien Kush – Alien Tech Pheno x Tahoe OG)

What happens when you cross the sleep-inducing indica Alien OG (a cross of Alien Tech and OG Kush) with the legendary sativa Sour Diesel? A: Pure supernova fire! Customer favorite Sour Alien OG is a hybrid (slightly indica dominant) strain with significant heritage from both of its parents. Some users report soaring highs with an undertone of body buzz, and others a powerful stone with a cerebral edge. Whatever the effects, we're very proud of this high THC, dank-smelling flower! The strong aroma falls somewhere in the middle ground between apples, pine, and skunk - with a distinct diesel finish. You'll never end up lost in space with the Sour Alien OG to guide you home!

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4.3 stars

Loved it!!

I went here last night to grab some bud! Left with sour alien og and a hammin’ it up pre rolled! Brandon was the best 😜 great service and amazing greenery!!!

Happy Cripple

I pick this up earlier today from Mission Pennsylvania and Allentown Pennsylvania. then it ran me about 32 an 1/8 with my discount. so far I'm liking it no complaints it's a 25 plus percent THC indica and that is my butter zone¡¡!! I can't place The taste yet but it's definitely an OG. I guess I'm one happy cripple definitely purchase and try for yourself¡¡!!

good hit

when u hit a good batch.. great high n all
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