Glass Slipper

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Pineapple Cindy 99 x The White

Glass Slipper has some mysterious genetics, but aficionados can agree on one thing - it takes strongly after the Cinderella 99 line that is so deeply entrenched in its pedigree. Sativa-dominant, Glass Slipper is clear-headed, energizing, and giggly. It'll brighten your mood and leave you with a full tank of gas for any adventures that come your way! Whether you're painting a masterpiece, going out with friends, or watching your favorite band rage on the stage - Glass Slipper is the strain for you. Flavor is distinctly pineapple-ish with a little citrus - like a slice of fresh pineapple doused in lime juice. The pineapple flavor carries over well to the smoke, with the citrus more subdued. Fresh and zesty, this is one of our best-tasting strains according to our customers!

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