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4.5 stars

I been shopping here since I arrived a year ago

I have been shopping at this location for more than a year, I was told I was a member. Today I went into buy more merchandise and the gentleman told me he will not give me a member pricing because I am a nonmember. Sad to say but you lost a customer for a lifetime, I would recommend everyone else to go somewhere else if you were treated like that as well

Glad under New Owners

But you have same manager (Tori), I would like to come back but she had to know they were over USING Pesticides & selling Bad products like Wax. Thank you for not giving me a chance to try you because you have someone that doesn't care about patients & sold Dirty Meds.


the most educated and helpful employees and the owners are truly a Blessing to their MMJ patients! Thanks a Bunch "Terps!"

good herb

good herb, amazing staff but the oz I got was pretty dry. pack a fat bowl, and poof it's gone. smoked this zip in a week, and usually a zip will last me 2 weeks. tangie, tahoe og(I think), and Lucky charms were tasty and stoney, just burned too damn fast. I'll definitely give them another dry when I am inbetween harvest or tired of smoking the strains I grow. thanks tree of wellness! bless up!


I used to be a member awhile back, so I’d like to first start off by saying they have some of the greatest weed I’ve smoked in Colorado. As well as some of the most knowledgeable bud tenders and friendliest staff. That being said, I got 20 pre-rolls a couple weeks ago, and they are the most pitiful rolled joints I’ve ever seen. Every single one had holes in the top where they twisted it closed, as well as the middle making it damn hard to smoke. Also they canoe like crazy and I feel like I can only smoke about half of it before i either have to reroll it or dump it in my bowl. The deal was fantastic but I wouldn’t buy their prerolls again.

Hidden Gem

Small store but great inventory. Great quality flower. Passionate employees. Competitive prices. Picked up 1200mg of cannabutter! I don't know anywhere else in the springs that has that! Plus 20 cones for $24!? Strain specific! Very happy!

Good bud

They have good bud but that’s about it. Most of the concentrates were bulk from suppliers and not made with their own buds. Very small selection. I will skip this place from now on.

they rock!!!!

They have the best weed for your buck! The staff is super friendly and always have great advice on what to get or deals going on.

nice buds!

I thoroughly enjoyed purchasing from this establishment!

Awesome experience!

Amazing meds, good prices, small shop that doesn’t try to rush you out the door and has amazing costumer service. Zach was my bud-tender and walked me through all their products and was super cool!

Everytime I go

Everytime I go there I leave more then satisfied. Great service and great products. What more could you want?

Super sweet, great prices!!!!

This place was seriously top notch when it came to every aspect of there buisness. I wanted something specific and they took care of all my needs quick. They even had me laughing. Would definately recommend!!


The medicine here is amazing. You need to stop by at least once if you can.

Best in the Business

Ive been a registered MMJ patient for nearly four years now, and I’ve tried a lot of other dispensaries in that time. I came into Tree of Wellness a few months ago and purchased the BEST medicine I’ve ever come across, and believe me I’ve tried them all! Came back a couple weeks later to see if it was a fluke and I was pleasantly surprised to find the same top quality, perfectly trimmed bud behind the counter. Once you pick them up for further inspection you’ll see each starin looks different from one another, possessing colors and textures you won’t find in other dispo jars. The first dose I ever took of their medicine made me feel like young again, lol, with similar results since! The staff at the Tree are knowledgeable, kind and amazing too! Zack was so helpful to me last week, he took the time to help me open up and print my Med card from the state website even though it was being a total pain in the ass! I’ve never left a review on here before, but then again I’ve NEVER had medicine this good either, so I’m just giving credit where it’s due. If you’re looking for the BEST in COS, this is it!

Great Flower..

Quality medicine and awezome staff

So bombbbb 💣🔥

If you’re looking for quality, come here!! They have the best buds, their grow is unlike anywhere else && they cure their buds so damn perfectly 👌🏼 They actually care and the people provide the most amazing customer service. I have never TASTED weed or even SEEN weed as unique as The Tree of Wellness’s kush. They also carry daaank concentrates and tasty edibles! TOP quality 🔥🔥🔥 I HIGHLY recommend!

phenomenal products

been to this dispensary several times and nothing but great customer service,on top of having great product with greatttt pricing. Definitely recommend this place for everyone looking for those standards.

great place

love it

good weed indeed

the tree of wellness staff are second to none. They answer questions with facts not opinion,if the tree employees can't answer your questions,they always send you in the right direction to get your answer. The store on Fillmore is welcoming, Tori and the staff are awesome. Some would say the products are a bit pricey, but the quality and effectiveness of the medicine is worth more than anything. If seeing is believing, then trying it makes it fact, if what you're looking for is quality mmj products, good prices, and service with a smile, try tree of wellness, you won't be sorry


Excellent experience every time I go. They know what I like and also make good suggestions if I want to try some different varieties for my meds. The staff, each and every one of them is very knowledgeable. They absolutely go above and beyond the call of duty to accommodate . Great quality, selection and deals. They take their time with each patient. DEFINITELY RECOMMEND