Tahoe Wellness Cooperative

3.9 stars by 263 reviews
dispensarySouth Lake Tahoe, Californiamedical & recreational
Open Now 8:00am - 10:00pm
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3.9 stars

Nice folks, good product.

All of this in a warm, positive environment. Those who look more closely at this sweet little local spot, find that the Co-op also offers health classes and massage sessions. Oh, and the monthly Patient Appreciation Day always offers discounted product, live music, and a very nice food table with cheeses, meat snacks, and luscious veggies. What’s not to love? *I do not work there, not being prompted to provide this info, and have no relatives who do work there...

0 stars

Worst walk-in clinic I’ve ever been to. THEY ARE A SCAM

Good people, good products - when they have them

I appreciate how much Cody has gone through to provide this service for those in our community who need the medical benefits, but I'm pretty frustrated with the inconsistency in products over the past couple of years. I'm having to go to Diamond Springs more often than not to find the product that helps me the most (which they ALWAYS have in stock down there), as once again TWC has "no idea" if/when they'll carry it again. I understand at one point there were legal issues with law changes preventing purchases from certain vendors, but that is no longer an issue. I also want to say the employees are very friendly and helpful.

Great Spot

Nice stuff. Prices great.

Tahoe wellness

This place is full of good people and awesome vibes best place in Tahoe.

Place is a scam!!!

I ordered a half gram cartridge and I open the package it wasn’t even half a gram. More like half of a half gram practically empty!!! Never going back!!!!!! What a rip off

Run Away

Just don't go here. The prices are inflated because it's the only place in town. Another fun fact, the owner has been charged with felony tax evasion several times. He also circulated a petition to restrict any new cannabis businesses from coming to town. To me, it's very disappointing and extremely unprofessional. The purpose is purely monetary, not the medicine.

Sarah Bresnan

This was my first time entering this establishment and I found the lady at the front desk very polite and helpful upon answering my questions. As for the derive in the back, the gentleman who helped me did a great job of teaching me how to dab for my first time, I left very satisfied and the flower I bought was primo.

A very friendly place

Upbeat friendly people serving excellent flower and oil at great prices. Monthly Patient Appreciation Days with real deals on product with lots of free delicious healthy snacks and live music. They also operate a wellness center with yoga and massage. After searching my recollections, I cannot come up with a single bad thing to say about this shop. Dilly dilly, they’re a friend of the crown ... Robert S

Sun up to Sun down

completely worthless he scammed so many people for so long that nobody will give him anything Good anymore the place should disappear

Great Dispensary

Despite the fact that they didn’t have concentrates due to the regulations the shop was dope they got a lounge you can meditate in and the staff was friendly got me right in glad I keep my Rec up to date made my trip extra lit.💨💨🔥
Anthony drapeau

un wise business practices

Really this town sucks and so does it suspensory making it so that other people have to come in and buy a medical rec so that they can get marijuana that supposed to be recreational you guys really suck! I'm so glad that I decided to bring my own weed so that I can smoke freely when I want to I was just going to patron your shop and try to help out another shop in another area it's alright good luck to your business is it gonna so last long!


Awesome staff, lounge area is super cool. Only thing is that prices are really high. It’s understandable because they are the only shop in the area and distributing costs, but still prices are about 25% too much.

Give Tahoe Wellness A Break !

I live here & love Tahoe Wellness Center, staff is Always Rad ! They usually have great meds, however they are waiting on the vendors to get compliant. Cody is a Great advocate for our community and fights for his patients rights. They have a great chill lounge , awesome topical salves , great flowers, & bomb edibles. This is a Must Stop when in South Lake Tahoe ✌🏼 !!

Bad products but great staff, awesome lounge/art.

Place looks like a bodega as far as the counter goes. It's empty, barely any selection, sad considering your in CA. Cannot open or smell the product before you buy it and that's a HUGE problem! Take the loss like EVERY club in the bay does and open one jar of each strain so the patients can be certain that they want what they want. Only 2-3 Indica, Sativa, & Hybrids to choose from and I can't smell or see them. Literally two brands of prerolls...all over $15 bucks each, for one! I can get 3 mega top shelf prerolls for $20 bucks in San Jose. Only had two types of cartridges, tasted horrible and were dark brown in color. The cartridges were "emerald cup" winners but like 3 years ago winner!? They didn't even have any over 76% THC. Doesn't mean anything now that stardards are way higher for cartridges. The smoke lounge was great and the staff (Ryan) was truly wonderful. They need to come to San Jose (Purple Lotus) to see how their club really should be! I feel sorry for the employees.

Go elsewhere. Their product isn’t even worth it.

I came in on July 3rd to get a product on my way home, handed my ID & script over to be told to go next door to get money & he wouldn’t let me wait til he was finished putting me in the computer so that i could have my ID & script back before going, after my transaction I wasn’t given my ID or script back at all, when I realized it I was too far to go back & was told it would be overnighted to me, a week later I was told he had forgotten & that when he looked back in the call system he had “lost my call” but not any of the others he’d had that day. So now I must drive all the way back & spend the gas for their mistake. I’m quite disappointed.


i live in sacramento and this is my first stop when i arrive in tahoe! staff is awesome! always found some good flower here. tahoe og!! prices a tad steep but good meds and atmosphere.

Great product friendly staff

I live here in south lake and really love our local mmj dispensary here in town. They have great flowers and hash available at all price ranges. The homie Clay always makes sure I leave with exactly what I need and gives me his honest opinion about products.


Update your system to update the menu as your stock is depleted. I come in on occasion to get absolute cartridges when your menu shows you have them in stock, but your out. This has happened several times your menu still shows that they are available and you don’t! Also your bud is super dry and no good.

Awesome atmosphere

I visit from Sacramento so it's a pretty cool to be able to take advantage of their smoking lounge. Always super chill and the flower is always great too. Really friendly staff and clean facility