Tahoe Wellness Center

3.9 stars by 266 reviews
dispensarySouth Lake Tahoe, Californiamedical & recreational
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3.9 stars


Easy and helpful!

What A Place

Fantastic service, better selection, and beautiful art! Budtenders we’re knowledgeable and friendly!


quality bud! The edibles are really good too!

No organization and clueless budtenders

First visit: Wanted a cartridge with a calm, centering effect that I can smoke during the day. Found one from ABX called Blue Dream on the online menu. Sounds like what I’m looking for. Ask the budtender questions about what kind of effects it has. His response: “Well different strains effect everyone differently.” I ask if it’s popular and he says, “Umm let me go see what I have from this brand.” Comes back with two ABX cartridges (NOT the one I specifically asked for) and says “This is what I have from this brand. They are hybrids.” I ask about the effects these were designed to give and he tells me to look at the package. Seriously? Doesn’t seem to know anything about the brand. Ask again about the Blue Dream. Just stands there and doesn’t go get one, so I just pick one of the two that he brought out. Doesn’t offer the special of pre-rolls for a penny for new customers that’s clearly displayed on their menu. Doesn’t give me a receipt and I have to ask. The machine’s broken so I wait several minutes while another cashier finishes with another customer and prints my receipt. Go home and try the Jack Herer that I chose from his options and it’s terrible. Very strong and not at all like the daytime vibes I specifically asked for. Second visit: Still want the Blue Dream but don’t want to deal with incompetent budtender. Call ahead and ask if I can walk in and pick it up or if I’ll have to wait in line. They say I still have to go to the back and pay, but I won’t have to wait in line. Cost for the Blue Dream is $5 more online. I show up and tell them I have a pickup order. Receptionist gets on the phone and says “pickup order.” I go in the back and two budtenders are assisting two customers. A third budtender at an empty register makes eye contact with me and leaves. Another employee walks in talking on his cell and doesn’t acknowledge me. I was expecting someone to call out that my order is ready, or acknowledge me in some way. Doesn’t happen. I wait until a cashier is available and tell her I have a pickup. She doesn’t respond or make eye contact, just turns around and starts mumbling while looking at a shelf, then calls out to another employee for help. Finally another employee comes with a bag and I ask what the point of ordering ahead was and paying the extra five bucks if I still have to wait. She says she’ll refund it, which is great, but then charges me for the WRONG cartridge. I tell her that’s not what I ordered and she says this is what I ordered. I bring up my order on my phone and it clearly says Blue Dream. Gives some excuses about how they’re still training and how their system is still figuring out how to tax things....don’t even know how to respond to that. The only good thing I can say is that I really like the Blue Dream cartridge. Would love to buy again but I’m just really disappointed. TWC is finally selling recreational but they don’t seem to have any organization or training on their products.

The Best of The Worst

This is the worst dispensary I've been to. The high prices, lack of variety, and the fact that this is the only dispensary in South Lake, make this place feel more like going to a drug dealer than a store. It's not just the fault of TWC though, this also rests on the local governance for not letting anyone else create competition to drive such a corrupt business out. TLDR: Save your money

best, most helpful shop in tahoe.

the staff at this wellness center is too good, they have the best deals and most importantly the best product. would recommend to anyone.

Awesome place

I go in regularly and the staff is always friendly and helpful. Good place to go.

thank you

for addressing the problem of large crowds here which could be a problem for patients using weed for PTSD. I still prefer delivery and hope Tahoe Wellness can add that soon for long term local patients at least. Please. Meanwhile there also are now for medical users local delivery services with limited hours that are reliable and discreet. I like the pre-order idea and expanded hours, good job, Tahoe Wellness


trust me


•Good location •It’s always busy, but the staff is efficient and the place is clean •Large variety of products •Decent price points •Got a free pre roll for my bday!

Taxes Suck

after living in socal everywhere else is a let down. not only is everything more expensive but taxes are insane!! this place has the highest tax I've come accross in my travels, 30% is robbery especially when you are already over priced. i would say go somewhere else but theres no other choice. they do have awesome staff, a nice setup, and they sell yerbas so not all bad.


great service from great people with a decent price point.


Isabel was the Budtender. She was very vigilant in making sure she scanned the correct product. Seems like a really nice girl with whom I would like to hang out but probably has a boyfriend 10/10 Will Attend Again

nice to see recreational here

budtender was Dustin I do certain products, strains for chronic illness and was knowledgeable, gave options very chill as well. waiting area is the best you will find due to mind blowing visionary (moon tribe..) art. Nice stop Definitely nice to see recreational!

This place is Awesome!

So my family and I took our first trip to South Lake Tahoe. And we didn’t stop at our local shop, so we stopped here and we were amazed! It is one of the best and cleanliest shops I have ever been to. And I’ve been to a lot in the Sacramento and Los Angeles areas. The people that were working were really friendly and very helpful. We also got a preroll for being a first time patient. Staff is very knowledgeable about strands. I recommend stopping by if you have some time and it is conveniently 2 minutes from a beach with BBQ grills. Thanks again for the awesome ganja! P.S. The vibe in there is super chill!

Local, easy and nice!

Perfect place to stop in Tahoe for your basic needs. If you want to be super fancy, go to Reno, but this is awesome and great customer service and solid variety of product.

Customer Service #1

Happy 4-20, local dispensary taking care of everyone Rec or Medicinal, providing top notch services from the front door to the back! Always very happy with the deals we find on flowers to edibles. Keeping us happy & coming back, Thank you everyone @ TWC for your knowledge & great customer service! Just another happy patient!

Best staff ever!

The staff here at Tahoe wellness are the best I have ever come across period. They allways have a friendly demeanor and are always helpful and even talk to you about day to day stuff. There lounge is dope they have awesome selection of water pipes and an even better selection of big buds to look at, the front desk girl is a delight by the way, the guy who owns it is city council an is to cheap to pay his employees a decent wage. Give the employeees a raise!!! Over all awesome club great buds ,under paid staff!


Don’t understand why your alway running out of product. Not very consistent. You NEED to stayed stocked of product, always! Go to Diamond Springs, if you want to know how to run a collective.

Great for locals

Love this place. Have been coming for years. They are always kind and knowledgable. Fair prices and good people. Great asset to our Tahoe community. Thanks guys!