Grandiflora - Super Charger

Product description

Aroma: Doughy gas

Flavor: Musty Gas

Experience: Euphoric heavy head high

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5 reviews

1 month ago
5 stars


I keep seeing people say this is sativa but the cross is actually Lemon Cherry Dosi x Project 4516 ... THIS ONE IS IT!! Very Stoney high while still functional. This ain’t for beginners this true gas .. I put this up there with E85 , but E85 is very unique and will put you to sleep 😭
10 months ago
5 stars


Not gunna lie this one u is fukn gass I would love to the know the cords in this one also , but this one is banging the smell of the bud is weird but smokes hella smooth tasty! And head thumper!! Gives me more of a sativa dominant vibe tbh than a indica .
8 months ago
5 stars


this one def smells like an OG but smokes more like a sativa. It has an uplifting cerebral high like a sativa, not a heavy body high. A powerful euphoric and relaxed head high that hits your face as soon as you smoke it. Flavor is decent but the high is great
3 months ago
3 stars

Sativa Leaning

Nothing special here. Cool to smoke in the AM.
9 months ago
1 star


pretty pathetic that companies like this boast about how their products are good and then you spend 60 dollars on an 8th of literal dry grass. Like im talking 15 dollar an 8th HAY weed is what is in this bag. Step it up you greedy nasty people because this right here ain't it! Pathetic joke "top shelf" weed ugh making 2020 even worse knowing people be buying this nasty grass
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