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4.8 stars

Would give no stars if I could.

Came in yesterday around 9:40PM and guard said they weren’t taking any more first times. There’s no notes on here saying “FTP time cut off”. Just because you guys wants to leave early doesn’t give you the right to not let an FTP in, but as I was leaving the parking lot. They let another one go in.. How crucial can that be? Didn’t make it in and probably won’t ever be back. At least have a time cut off on details too so you are not out here wasting peoples times! Probably the fat guard was too tired of standing up for today’s shift, but if you can’t handle your job, then don’t do it. Worst time management and who knows how the people inside are.. hopefully not as rude as the guard or maybe they just need to clarify their details better and time.

Deals are a scam

They really don’t price match or gives deal. Prices are higher than most others. Location is bizarre too.


This spot is legit picked up straight fuego from them. Great customer service!

cartridge PLUGNPLAY

I spoke to a Wonderful Representative "Suzanna" there, who was Very Helpful An Most Importantly Very Informative in the Different Strains between both the DNA & EXOTICS Lines, On the PLUGNPLAY Brand I was Asking about. she spoke about them being Real Genuine based off what I was more interested in Looking for between the Strains. An so I Felt she was Super Engaging & even was nice enough to put my Order on the Side for me, so it's ready to go once I get there. I cant wait to go check it out & see what the PLUGNPLAY's All About 🍏🍧 🚂 💥

Super Friendly

The staff here are so polite and welcoming. They always make me smile or laugh! The budtenders are very nice, knowledgeable and helpful. If you're the type of person that wants top notch customer service (I know you're out there baby boomers) this place is for you. If you're the type of person that wants your budtenders to flirt with you and make you feel awesome, this is the place for you. If you're new to this lifestyle and have questions, they are very nice and helpful. Very approachable. Location is easy to access. Parking is great. Inside is super clean, chic. Prices I feel are very competitive to other store fronts. I think they have great low prices. As far as product, I am a recreational user. I have only tried Stiiizy and Stick.e.vape . Great varied/flavors of both usually in stock. There was one hiccup recently where they were out of Stiiizy but the budtender gal gave me some options and information and together we decided that stick.e.vape was a good choice.


Love this spot great staff , super helpful and always in and out


I recently came in to grab some new Heavy Hitters vapes. This shop is really nice and the staff are great! It’s really well organize with a very large open layout. I will definitely be coming back for more Heavy Hitters in the near future! Thank you West Clinik!

friendly spot

everyone was cool. they had stuff i didn't even know i was looking for. also copped a plugplay.. couldn't be happier

Great customer service.

Today was my second time visiting and had a great experience. The guy behind the counter helped me out with some fire Marathon OG and monster cookies! Very knowledgeable staff and clean safe environment. Def will come back again!

awesome spot

Great store with great prices and amazing products. next time we are in the area will for sure be back. thank you for great recommendations.

Awesome place definitely returning

So I just went in tonight and got myself some really bomb purple everything about this place is on point the greeting when you come in to the people that help you out it seems like they love their job they are so energetic they deeply described everything and try to find the best deals for you and I also got this wax pen called sherbinskis Now this pen is so dope to turn it on its normal press it five times and it blinks blue but the girl who helped me out last night told me to hit it on the lowest temperature so I don’t burn your cotton and also you click the button twice and it preheat your oil so you get a good fresh hit and it actually works the first it hit me really hard and I smoke every day but by far the best weed shop I’ve ever been to in California

Shout out to miles!!

The service is always great and the energy is always on point.!!

Great help from Susanna

This is the spot for clear, upfront selection of that good good.

dont accept credit card but its "legit"

no credit cards no taxes....

They don’t give back change and round up

I went to buy some few things the total became to 92.30 and they rounded that shit to 93$ which made no fucking sense when the total wasn’t even near 93$ and they don’t even take card which is dumb when it’s suppose to be a legal shop and regulated that should take card but....

Budtender sucks!!!!

The Asian guy with the glasses. Stay away from him. Recommend me high garden over CRU. Said it was good and a lot of people liked it. Wrong!!! Smoke the whole 1/8 in a day. Stay away from this guy. If he is the only on that can help you. DO NOT LISTEN TO HIS RECOMMENDATION!!

They have bongs

Go rip em

Best dispensary

Great prices great staff great selection

Top notch !

Was my first time visiting this place and I am very impressed with the selection and friendly staff I will see you guys next week Btw the cookies are 🔥 thanks again Vinny 🙏🏽
Big Game (#26)

West Clinik

West Clinik is the place to go to when you need just that something something to get you through 'til next time.🌿🆒