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Danny Boy OG








Has a very high in THC, and very low in CBD, and best for veteran smokers. Has strong euphoric effects, as well as sedation, and it may help manage insomnia and pain relief. 

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4 reviews

3 months ago
5 stars


some very good meds very sticky
Original Intelligence
Thanks for the review rudy916, Danny Boy OG is indeed the fav of the season. Other strains to look forward to that are similar to Danny Boy would be WIFI OG, SFV OG, and Skywalker OG.
Official Response3 months ago
4 months ago
5 stars

Strong Og!!!!

I got the smalls and the bag was Dank super small taste high everything totally get it again If you thinking of getting it won’t be mad
Original Intelligence
AKAWHITEBOY, thanks for the review! Indeed the smalls would be the best way to go if trying out the brand. It's definitely the best way to try something without it hurting your wallet. The smalls would still pack the same punch as the eighth. Plus, there's a humidifier pack in each one to keep the baby buds fresh up until your last smoke.
Official Response4 months ago
5 months ago
5 stars

Cheechnchongin it

I was somewhere workin' and stopped by a place n picked up a gram, I'd heard of it n the price was right. Despite the faux wood lid, cracking the jar open smelled like a ripe patch of forest n cinnamon coffee cake. The smoke was sweet n delicious, n my eyes got squinty. I took a couple more until I forgot I was smoking n lost in the giggles. I get it when you smoke something new, but this was like high school. I went back for an eighth the next day.
Original Intelligence
Purple_Purple thanks for the review! We're happy the Danny OG brought back your high school days. Danny Boy OG is like a blast from the past, reminiscing memories of when everything was fresh. If you enjoyed this strain, you should try out our SFV OG or Wifi OG.
Official Response4 months ago
5 months ago
5 stars

Sheeesh Wasn't expecting it to be this fire

This strain was so smooth and have such a great high, it helped with my anxiety and let me relax after work
Original Intelligence
Thank you QueenLing, We're happy to see you enjoy the strain. Danny Boy OG has an intense indica kick and has the fully OG flavor. It's great aid for anxiety as well as insomnia.
Official Response4 months ago
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