Marionberry Indica Enhanced Gummies 100mg

Product description

Our Marionberry gummies are made with real fruit and an Indica enhanced botanical terpene blend, making them a great addition to the end of any long day. Whether eaten around a campfire, or in the comfort of your own home, these gummies are great for unwinding.

It’s a little like the soft furry slippers for your mind. Enjoy!

100mg THC per package, 10mg THC per gummy.

*Available in AZ, CA, CO, and NV

Contains: Coconut

GummiesBerryHigh DosageIndicaLift Your SpiritsMedium DosageRelaxedTHC
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77 reviews

2 months ago
5 stars


I’ve tried a lot of gummies in the past few years, but these are far and away the best. They’re potent, have a nice consistency and taste great. Half of a Marionberry gummy is a great sleep aid for me. Once I stocked up on these, I gave away all my other gummies.
4 days ago
5 stars

definitely a fan.

i love these. get me relaxed and spacey. tasty too!!! i'd want more if i wasn't such a lightweight.
1 month ago
5 stars


i definitely underestimated these since all the edibles i’ve tried haven’t had any effect on me. so i ate it all, & im now really relaxed and ready to sleep! lol
1 month ago
5 stars

Fantastic, effective and fast acting!

Very comfortable and quick onset in 30 mins. I ate 1/3 and felt fantastic for about 4 hrs. Will buy these again! Great job.
21 days ago
4 stars

I like these

I like these, they taste great and put me in a very relaxed state. Perfect for bedtime. They’re not as potent as some other indica edibles i’ve tried, which could be either a good thing or a bad thing, depending on what you’re looking for.
1 year ago
5 stars

My go-to edible choice

I would like to start out saying that I have an extremely high tolerance. I can eat about 1 jar in a day and I can safely say that it is more potent than when I dab $100/g rosin. For those that are looking to no longer vape/smoke like me (I've grown bored and annoyed with the bad habits)- search no longer. These are fast acting and potent. Recommended for everyone!
1 year ago
5 stars

Not too intense

This is one of the few edibles that doesn’t give me an overwhelming high. I normally choose indica because it doesn’t make me anxious like the sativas do. I liked that it didn’t take hours to kick in, probably only took about 45 minutes for full effect. They didn’t necessarily make me sleepy, just relaxed, which is what I was looking for. Still able to be productive with these and they left me feeling relaxed and blissful
1 year ago
5 stars

These are amazing!

First, with no artificial flavors they taste amazing, maybe not the most important, but the first thing I noticed. Some of the high comes on within about 15 minutes and then the rest comes on slowly over a couple of hours for me, but these things knocked me the f out last night. Thank you!
1 year ago
5 stars

Wyld Marionberry Indica Gummies

GREAT for sleep. Delicious too!
1 year ago
5 stars

Best Taste

Best tasting gummies I have tried so far. 50mg of these gets me where 100mg of 90% of competing brands gets me. These give me an amazing stoned high. Melts me into bed at night.
5 months ago
5 stars

Super tasty and beautiful packaging

These are perfect for night time and I love to take anywhere between 5 to 15 mg along with my Ambien. They usually kick in within about an hour and definitely help me fall asleep faster and make me feel more comfortable. They taste exceptionally organic and not artificial whatsoever. The packaging is really beautiful and the product is great, so if you have the opportunity to pick one of these up I definitely recommend at least trying it once.
5 stars

Hands down the best gummies

Hands down the best gummies I’ve ever had! They’re delicious and pack a punch. Most of the time I split a gummy with my wife and we can feel it kick in within about 15 minutes or so. These are perfect to take once the kids are down and it’s time to just hangout on the couch or enjoy a fire around the pit in the back.
10 months ago
5 stars

Incredible Edible !

Tolerable muscle relief. Good right before bed. Thanks, Good Tree.
11 months ago
5 stars

fav edibles

love these babies. dankest gummies ever! hard hitting, fast acting and tasty af. I’ve literally tried them all and my favorite are these and the elderberry for sleep 🖤💤
1 year ago
5 stars

Don’t bother looking elsewhere.

This are hands down the best gummy edibles. Perfect for nighttime. Heavy and super tasty. I love these!
1 year ago
5 stars

The yummiest

I’m not usually an indica fan, but I have tried almost all of this brands flavors, And this one is by far the most delicious. Will buy again
1 year ago
5 stars

Read deal gummies

My girlfriend ate half a gummy and was out like light lol 😂 these are strong and give me great sleep!
2 years ago
5 stars

Yeah real good

Yes amazing now deliver thanks I cam goddamn sleep
5 months ago
5 stars

Good first experience

First-timer, had a great experience with these. Half a gummy didn't do anything. But a whole gummy got me to a good euphoric state about 60-90 mins in, which then lasted for a couple hours, and then straight to bed. Edit: Tried some Camino gummies, so I have a point of comparison now, and I can say these are magic. Camino indica doesn't compare at all to this enjoyable high.
6 months ago
5 stars


WyldCanna Marionberry is my favorite edible for mind, body and soul! I can only take indica and this is a good one. My anxiety is completely taken away with half a gummy, and my head is and a good space. I take a whole one when I'm chilling with friends or out and about.
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