STIIIZY Starter Kit - Black

Product description


• Official Original STIIIZY Battery

• USB Charging Cable

• 210mAh Rechargeable Battery

• USB Charging Port

• Voltage: 3.2+\-0.1V

*Pods sold separately

Prices, both original and discounted price, are set by the retailer and not set or verified by Weedmaps.



320 reviews

2 months ago
5 stars

hola bunas tardes

tengo un sobrino que le dan ataques de epilepsia y la verdad quierara tratarlo con mariguana no se que tan recomendable sea
2 months ago
5 stars

good 👍

yes had his dj fed Jeff bureaucratic north
2 months ago
5 stars

Stiiizy starter kit

I normally prefer flower but I just got this starter kit and it has been so awesome to travel with. Charges quick and has a cool slick design that's easy to carry on your person.
3 months ago
5 stars

Highly Recommend

Great Prices Large Selection & Friendly Staff …
2 days ago
5 stars


Great varieties of flowers. tried purple ⛽
10 days ago
5 stars

The bees neez

Tried for first time it was fire honestly
19 days ago
5 stars

Great shop don’t listen to the 1 stars

Just go mannnnnnnnnnnnnnn.
1 month ago
5 stars


Definitely loving it, i felt like medicated
19 days ago
4 stars

ok at best

gave 4 stars bc it did hit properly but wasn't as good as hyped up to be
5 days ago
1 star

First timer, here.. 😂

Had no idea I had to buy the pod…I really wish it would ask (have an option) if you’d like to add pods.. I mean that would be Nice! So I’m on the site and don’t see that they only sell pods .. daaaame it lol … 🤦🏽‍♀️Stuck with a piece 😂
3 years ago
5 stars

a Review coming from 4th Dimension.

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa! No more sneaking out on the room and go to the bar and open the cabinet under the sink and reach further just to get the lens box and pick a flower and grind it then pipe it then go outside to smoke 5 times and go hide it again and go to restroom and drink a glass of listerine just to elimanate the smells and go back to the room and get to bed. While gf asleep. But this one is awsome! I’ll tell her I’m just go wee-wee, then open the sink cabinet and reach underneath to grab the pen w/ velcro and smoke 3 times, no smell all good go back to bed. From 30mins to 3mins. Brooo wtf!! I’m flyyyyyyiiingggggggggg! Ultimate Mind Blown. Life saver! And Time Saver!!! Stiizyyy is the best!!!
3 years ago
5 stars


Starter kit sounds like its a WHOLE set up. VERY MISLEADING FOR ALOT OF PATIENTS. Whats so hard about calling it a battery on the box.. GEEZ
3 years ago
5 stars

Totally Worth it moisture makes it “leak”

After a few uses it pays for itself, people claiming it leaks have to realize their salvia has to go somewhere, right? Make sure your lips are dry and your cart won’t “leak”. I assumed it leaked as well however moisture does travel I like the design it’s sleek and discreet. Awesome magnetic 🧲 snap on pods that tastes great and clean. For only around 25 bucks depending on your dispensary you get a cool, quick charging, automatic puff detection; no need to hold down a button because the way it works is simple yet very efficient, you simply “puff” away and it lights down to let you know when it’s time to be charged. Very fast minimal charging time, decent battery life for the small physical size of the battery. Overall a good product from an awesome company that is setting the new standard for quality.
4 years ago
5 stars

if you're going through a pod in a day wow

this thing is amazing. if you're going through a pod in a day wow get a life or a job. I can't believe somone would suck on it all day thrn complain it doesn't last.
4 years ago
5 stars

defective battery

Love the battery. It's not as resilient as I would like - had one break because the two contacts inside the battery seemed to fail and no longer cobust the product. STIIIZY support was awesome and got me another battery replacement from my delivery guy. They reached out and contacted the business to get it set up. I love the look of the product, great overall design.
4 years ago
5 stars

Was all about this brand but

The plastic is cheap. Once you get past the wow phase of the sleek design the problems come to the surface. Battery dies faster than any pen I’ve dealt with, 3 or 4 pulls and you can feel the tip getting so hot that sometimes it even spits the oil onto your tongue and this thing is a magician, your pod can be gone in a day and a half not even at times. Cool design, definitely needs a lot of work. I wouldn’t suggest this without doing your own research cause everyone else would have you believe its godsend but in my honest opinion after buying 20-25 I’m done. Unless they redesign the pods I won’t be coming back
1 year ago
5 stars

A dream come true

If you're like me you been smoking a while you tried pre-rolls edibles things like that and they didn't cut it. This is the Solution right here, man. Charge the battery the "Pen", the STIIIZY for a couple hours and make sure to stock up during the sales at your local Dispensary, the PODS are addictingly good and hit every time. More expensive but way worth it. You could buy like four or five pre-rolls and still not get as high as these pens. All you really need is a few hits and you'll be ready to rock n roll a
4 years ago
5 stars

Better than pax for affordable price

Figured it was worth the 20 dollar gamble on the battery and 30 (at my shop) for pod was worth the gamble for something portable and discreet... I was very happy to find it went above and beyond my expectations. As a hater of vape products and a skeptic of the content quality /quality of builds I have to say I’m impressed. May have even changed my opinion on vapes.. actually feels like a dab and battery lasts a min. Very pleased.
Official Response4 years ago
1 year ago
5 stars

Brownstown Michigan

Smooth Very relaxing Need to make pods cheaper but good quality product
We appreciate the feedback!
Official Response1 year ago
3 years ago
5 stars

So Far So Good

I LOVE that the pod isn't glass because I have dropped it 3 times so far. It hits hard and very smoothly and a little goes a long way. In my area most places seem to sell it, and everyone has been out of the Plug Play, so I finally decided to give it a try. I am happy with it overall. This unit is physically lighter and a bit sleeker than the Plug Play, and doesn't require you to push a button to hit, but I feel like the hits are slightly harsher with the Stiiizy. With both I'm a bit leery of having a battery than can ONLY be used with ONE company's cartridge bc if they suddenly go out of business/stop producing quality products/raise their prices 400%/piss me off somehow, than I have invested in something I won't be able to use. Having said that, I have been very pleased with both thus far, and while I don't think Stiiizy is AS amazing as the hype suggested, the quality, style, and ease of use have won me over. A price decrease wouldn't go amiss though... 😜
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