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A tribute to the power of selective breeding, Egoloss has a dense bud structure and trichome coverage that speak to its OG Kush roots. The effects, however, speak to its descent from some of the most cerebral strains around. Blending the power of NL5 Haze with a Malawi landrace, Egoloss pushes the mind into overdrive with creative inspiration and, for some, introspection. 

Genetics: OG Kush x [Memory Loss x (Malawi x NL5 Haze)]

Breeder: Cult Classics Seeds

For almost a decade, Cult Classics Seeds has been doing work true to its name: breeding outstanding cannabis varietals with an eye towards preserving and enhancing a rich library of hierloom varietals. With other hits like Ultraviolence, Animas Valley and Cement Shoes, CCS has certainly etched their name in the hit-list of cannabis connoisseurs around the world. 

Notes: Appropriately named after a common experience amongst those taking a heavy psychedelic trip, Egoloss taps African Landrace and European Haze genetics to create a relentlessly cerebral monster strain. Engineered for those who smoke for energy, creativity and intellectual introspection, Egoloss was made for (and probably by) the psychonauts among us.



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5 stars


I picked up Egoloss Flower at the Central Valley cup for 10.00 an eighth at the nug booth. the price was right so i picked it up. Egoless flower packs a nice up lift to start your day. I was happy i actually picked up a 1/4 of this. i think the strain would also be good for athletes, artist or good with your morning coffee.
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