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Itโ€™s easy to see why this strain would be named after the literal Gold Standard: bred by DNA Genetics from multiple cup-winner Kosher Kush and multiple cup-winner Tangie, the pedigree has more trophies associated with it than Michael Phelps. Cracking open a jar is a treat for the senses as your nose is taken over by the complex bouquet of citrus zest, sharp spice and satisfyingly nasty dankness emanating from generously-frosted, bright green buds. 24kโ€™s sweet-and-spicy citrus smoke delivers an intense high that is at once lazy and psychedelic. <br><br><b>Genetics:</b> Kosher Kush x Tangie


<b>Breeder:</b> DNA Genetics

DNA Genetics may be the most-awarded cannabis oranization in the world. With over 180 trophies to their name, their genetics have helped define connoisseur cannabis in a way that a vanishing few can match. Founded in Amsterdam in the early 2000โ€™s by two California friends with a shared love of cannabis, DNA has been responsible for Chocolope, LA Confidential, Lemon Walker, OG LA Affie and Tangie to name but a few.


<b>Notes:</b> 24k is the golden child of a multi-award-winning pedigree. Its parents, Kosher Kush and Tangie, weave an uplifting citrus aroma with dank and hashy undertones and a serious punch of potency. This strain is fairly balanced in its effects, relaxing the body while delivering a pleasant cerebral buzz.ย 

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3 stars

Not good at all!

Even though it was in the jar for 9 months it still tasted green. Like hay. Not a good smell and a bad taste. Waste of your money....

beautiful bud!

I got this as a gift from my local delivery dispensary! in California and love that it's in a jar! well it's plastic but that's okay! because what's inside is really good! I am a concentrate! smoker! so I was really leery if I would even feel this? and yes I did! very nicely! I think it was about 25% THC? two Buds and the big one? I could barely get out of the jar!! it !was absolutely beautifu!l in color taste effects leaning a little more on the Indica side? by about 60% I chose it because of the parents kosher Kush and Tangie! couldn't go wrong there's no paranoia or anxiety! and this bud is definitely cured and manicured beautifully highly recommend! ๐Ÿ˜‡
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