Grade B Kief - Lemon Sour Diesel (Sativa)

THC%: 25.00 | CBD%: 0.00 | CBG%: 0.00 Kief can be added to bud to increase potency or alter effect. It can also be cooked, mixed into drinks, or consumed raw to gain the many benefits of using non-decarboxylated cannabinoid acids. Lemon Sour Diesel has a citrusy, sour/pungent aroma and euphoric/narcotic effects. SWOP has a dedicated following of patients who use LSD for pain and daytime stress. Many report a bit of a sedating crash towards the end of LSD’s effect. If you’re looking for a euphoric daytime strain, try this as a suppliment added to flower, or by itself. If you experience a heavy crash, ingest before dinner for a sleep aid.

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