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dispensaryOceanside, medical
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4.7 stars

favorite spot

By far best collective in San Diego they always have the largest selection of products and flower hands down . The bud tenders are super cool I never have a problem getting through they are always on time . The products always on point never let me down . I can’t believe some of these reviews people don’t know what they are talking about must be from a competitor or something like that lots of haters . So cal has been around and I will always count on them to take care of my medical needs . I order at least twice a week because I suffer from insomnia the products always work for me . I always make sure to text my order they do get busy because there products are so bomb so just use common sense and text ? Anyway thanks for your consistency throughout the years staying available on holidays and always always keeping the best products on shelf all the time thank you so cal!!!!!!!!

delivery only not store...wasted time

it is uncool to pose as a store

Crappy plane

Don’t even loose you time. Wrong advertising. The don’t answer the phone and their sevice is a joke WEEDMAPS should take them down

Great experience

Easy and good prices

customer service

like with the vape pen malfunction they have ALWAYS made it good (and don't forget referrals and reviews)

Super sus and unprofessional

they’re no longer a storefront, only delivery and they do not reply to texts even after calling them, so don't shop here😒

Hello Cannabis

They have every good weed , a very good place and the dispatcher Gia haves really good customer services ❤️

DELIVERY ONLY no location

This place shows up as a physical location on WM but its delivery only

Great Service!

My pen didn’t work for the cartridge and immediately she came back and gave me a new cartridge and a pen that worked! Even at 10:30pm.. great service thank you so much!

Gia 🔥

Yo! Don’t even look elsewhere, Gia and the team here will help you find what’s best for you AND within reasonable budget! Plus they add a couple goodies here and there so I mean they were great before but now... shit, they are CLUTCH.

They were so great!!

Jane was so amazing and quick. She responded so fast and the process was so easy!!

Could not get in contact

Tried calling got answering machine that didn’t work. And it says to call for address.
Sorry you could not get through having problems with t mobile phone service please text me back at 760-583-6741 and I will call you back and compensate you for your time. Thanks again..
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Great quality flower and decent response/delivery times unlike 99.99% of places out there

Bomb ass weed

Called and they answered right away and they have a huge menu. All my questions were answered. I don't know much about the thc and cbd stuff but they told me everything i needed to know to fit my needs and had great deals to work with my budget. Super strong medicine, be careful!! Bud tenders were friendly, informative and fast with delivery. If i ever didn't like what they always came thru! ( she was cute too!)

Drastic change in quality & customer service.

I've been a customer of this delivery service for almost 3 years and for a long time they were great. They had good response and delivery times, a good range and quality of medicine. The last 8 months or so....that has all gone swiftly downhill. They have one driver who is still fantastic, I believe his name is Travis. All other recent drivers have been either creepy or rude. Its now regularly more than 3 hours from placing your order to delivery, even if you place your order right when they open. In fact although they state they open at 10 AM, I've been told by the owners wife Nicole herself that they don't have a driver until noon. Response times have tripled, and whoever was responding to text orders today was downright rude and couldn't seem to be bothered to text full sentences when I had questions. Not only is their weedmaps menu inaccurate and lacking in information, but it seems like they have no real idea of their inventory anymore, and therefore what is actually available. After attempting to place an order for 510 thread cartridges over more than 4 hours, and dealing with some condescending asshole over text, I was told they could sell me a 710 battery...yeah no. This was honestly the last straw, I've been finding seeds on seeds on seeds in their supposed top shelf bud for months and been trying to give them the benefit of the doubt...but honestly don't waste your time. This company obviously doesn't care about their customers. Furthermore, as I discovered today, there is no lack of faster, more customer oriented delivery services in the area, one of whom has already delivered what I was looking for in the same amount of time it took Socal to even respond to my initial text this morning. 100% done.
I am very sorry for your experience can you please text me when you have a moment I would like to try and work through this bad experience . I want to thank you for all the time and orders you have given us I hope I can work something out with you don’t want to end on a bad experience text me at 760-583-6741. I really want some clarity with the way you were treated . Thanks again.
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report to weedmaps

for years these fools pretend to be storefront to get more calls. shady

I'm lost, and you don't have a phone # that works

I'm lost and there's no way to contact you by telephone to help me find your location as it says to do and WeedMaps

drove by

stopped by on my roadtrip for a smoke break...they got it all@
Amos 76

Best place around

These guys have great quality products, prices, always fast and nice drivers. I have been using them for months and this is my go to spot. If your looking for a good place this it. You won’t be disappointed. I give them ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Not a store front

This place has misrepresented it self as a store front for years, if there dishonest from the jump you can imagine other bullshit you'll have to put with from them.