Peace 20:1 MOOD BAR for Calmness

Product description

200mg CBD : 10mg THC. A calming blend of hybrid oil and semi sweet chocolate

Chocolates20:1 CBD/THCHigh DosageHybridMarijuana DerivedRelaxed
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2 reviews

2 months ago
5 stars

Best edible for me

I was sleeping like crap, a bud tender recommended this for me. I really didn't want to get any sort of high it tends to make me overthink and cause anxiety. So I broke this up into 10 and took 1. Within an hour my body relaxed. I've been taking this now for about a month. I've tried maybe 4 others with the same 20 : 1 ratio. Nothing relaxes me like this. Very good feeling and no groggyness in the am. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
8 months ago
5 stars

Space Cucumber Extravaganza

I got this the day after the election. My anxiety was running rampant, i had a stomach ache, and i slept like crap the night before. I'm always sensitive to edibles so I always start with 1/2 on a new edible because you never know how one brand will affect you vs another brand. Within 10 minutes of taking half of this, i just felt a sense of total calm rush over me. My stomach ache went away, i felt my shoulder relax and i felt so much better. CBD edibles are always so hit and miss for me. These hit the mark and I totally suggest these if you just need to chill the hell out. I waited an hour and took the other half just now and am looking forward to not be wrapped up in my thoughts. Definitely top 5 for me and i've tried a lot of cbd edibles.
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