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Our most popular edible, the delicious raspberry gummy offers a burst of fresh sweetness with undertones of tartness and floral afternotes. Brimming with equal parts CBD and THC, plus minor cannabinoids THCa and CBDa, our raspberry gummies come in a 1:1 ratio that’s perfect for relaxing at the end of a long day and helping you get that restful night’s sleep you deserve. If you’re a more experienced cannabis user, you might just enjoy taking these gummies on that beautiful nature hike or sight-seeing adventure. These gummies may cause psychoactivity for some people. Discover your new favorite wellness ingestible CBD gummy. Flavorful, potent, and good for you. 

Delicious raspberry flavor. A balanced ratio with equal amounts of CBD and THC for experienced cannabis users who can tolerate THC.

Gummies1:1 CBD/THCBerryHappyMarijuana DerivedMedium DosageRelaxedSweet
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1 review

11 months ago
5 stars


These gummies are so delicious and they get you pretty lit! With 2 gummies and I’m out like a light and feeling refreshed by the next morning. I have had 2 disc herniations and as result of the pain I can’t sleep. The cbd/thc combo in these gummies gave definitely helped ease the pain and allow me to sleep! Highly recommended!
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