Black Scotti

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Black Scotti


Genetics [Biscotti x Zhit]

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1 month ago
5 stars

Smoking liquorice

I bought this somewhere else but had to advertise what kickin smoke this is... Like everything from Grizzly. The buds are beautiful; dark greens n purple, magenta n pink hues that highlight the orange hairs. My lips got smacky just smelling the bag with rich complex notes of chocolate n fresh baked cookies. The smoke is rich n thick, a mix of candy n BBQ, hanging on the tongue on exhale...n that's where the fun begins. The high is quick n giggly, but it's the creeper n steps right out front to clear the day of any negativity. It's def dessert weed, n I bogart a bag, hit by hit. It's also good for shutting that guy up who keeps asking for a hit, "smoke away" I tell them. The pipe usually falls out of their hand... Buy some!!!
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