TreeTown Crispy Rice Square

Product description

Our Crispy Rice Squares are a nostalgic and delicious treat that will bring you right back to your bake sale days. Available in 3 different flavors - Original, Fruity, and Peanut Butter - these treats are handmade with love right here in Michigan.

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7 reviews

10 months ago
5 stars


Nice smooth roll in and roll out lol Service was rushing me I don’t know why
5 stars

great product

I recently got a treetown crispy from a local dispo and it did not disappoint. great, long-lasting high, very gooey crispy.
1 year ago
5 stars

Best crispy!

Better than a regular crispy treat plus its medicated?! Amazing!
1 year ago
1 star

Poorly packaged bad quality

I have purchased many different kinds of Edibles from Treetown. They all have had great quality, great high, very potent and very tasty! However, recently I purchased 4 crispy rice squares from Bloom City Club in Ann Arbor and I had a really bad experience. I got home and gave 2 to my girlfriend and 2 to me. My girlfriend shows me a video of her trying to cut it and it just shatters. The edibles were so hard so crumbly that you could not cut them without them exploding. I follow the instructions on the package witch tells you to cut it up into 10 pieces, I was not able to do that simply be cause of how dry and brittle the edibles were. On top of that, the edibles were not potent and seemed to have dried out a very long time ago. Im very unhappy and didn't expect this from Treetown. Now I have to rethink buying edible from Treetown all together. What can I do in the future to ensure i'm getting a good edible from Treetown? I just want some answers
1 year ago
5 stars

1 year ago
5 stars

1 year ago
4 stars

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