Pineapple Jack Sativa Starter Kit


Named for the legendary cannabis activist Jack Herer, this citrusy sativa is as smooth and uplifting as the man himself and has won more High Times Cannabis Cups than any other strain.

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5 stars


It’s SOOOO so smooth. It tastes and smells great too. I don’t smoke nearly as much as I used to (20 years ago 😂) so I have it on the lowest setting and was stoned in a matter of seconds. I’ve def gotten used to it though and it’s such a mellow and fun high. Can’t wait to try the others. The vape pen itself is pret-ty impressive as well.
Dear ecdunks! We're very happy to hear! Thanks for the review and for chilin' with us!
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Finally grabbed a Chil cart to try out, so i went with the Pineapple Jack. Man this thing rips! Fantastic flavor too, I found it to be heavier on the pineapple than the jack herer, which I actually preferred. But honestly thing thing rips harder than any other pen I’ve gotten. Huge clouds, and strong! I had to pit it down after a couple of hits. Well done Chil! I’ll make sure to grab a Sour Apricot next time. Sounds fire.
Dear Abbas710, we share your excitement, thanks for the Chil review!
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