Sea Star - 3.5g

Product description

With the sweet, delicious flavor profile of Grape Pie and the potency of Animal Cookies, Sea Star is a dream cross. Purple and dark green in color, she shimmers as if you just plucked her from the water. Truly the perfect companion to unwind with after a long day. Even if that’s watching three hours of pools being made by hand on YouTube 

Lineage: Grape Pie x Animal Cookies

THC and CBD levels may vary

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5 reviews

1 month ago
5 stars

3rd time I've purchased, pleased every damn time

I can't say enough about the consistency having had this a few times now. great smoke every time! keep it coming... don't wanna jinx it lol
3 months ago
5 stars


Smoothest high in a while. The perfect high ❤️
3 months ago
5 stars

Excellent flavor

One of the better smokes I've had in a long time. Have been enjoying nightly.
2 months ago
4 stars

My opinion after the joint

First sight of the weed I was presssseddddd!!!! Like mad mad. The weed was hard as a rock and smelled like some old old even tho the package date was within the month. After smoking it and looking up the website I found that they actually do living soil which they donate to parks after the grown, I think that’s awesome also the way it smokes surprised me as well and this is a strain that you can judge without smoking it yourself. Would most definitely buy again.
1 star

First and last time

I give this place a try for the first time and I was not happy with the delivery service. It took almost 2 hours and when I received it the top seemed like it was super glued shut so and when I weighed it it was only 2.1 grams far from 3.5 grams. Never again.
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