Sespe Creek Collective

4.8 stars by 45 reviews
dispensaryOjai, CAmedical & recreational
Closed 9:00am - 7:00pm

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4.8 stars

Great staff lovely professional atmosphere

I was travelling through and needed something both for recreational and medical. Great products and variety, staff really looked after MY NEEDS. On both sides too, something to relax and chill while other more medical products. ABX Loved visiting the town, so worth popping up and take in some country vibe nature xx
Sespe Creek Collective
Thanks for taking the time to post this review! We look forward to seeing you again.
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Marc R

Great staff, they are all very knowledgeable about the products and very friendly. Love this place. Can use more variety tho.
Sespe Creek Collective
Thank you for your feedback, we are getting new products in every day so please let us know (email is best!) if there's something you're really missing and we'll do our best to stock it.
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Great Staff, Great store, low quality to price

To start, the shop is great. The presentation is competitive with larger store fronts. ATM in shop is a huge plus. Where my low rating comes from is price and quality. $70 for .5g pax cartridge is robbery. Never been a fan of Absolute Extract carts and the other selection of cartridges are very expensive for the quality of material. The quality of all the cannabis is very low with the exception of $55 1/8th which still do not meet expectations, $35 an 1/8th for Flow Kana which can be purchased across the street for 25-30 depending on the day. Sespe used to have much higher standards as a delivery service before being shut down. I’m sad to say the quality never quite made it back to where it was. I personally now roll across to the shop next door. Out of the 3 walk in dispensaries in Ojai, this one is rated number 2.
Sespe Creek Collective
Hey thanks for the feedback, I know we carried some AMAZING strains in prior years that are simply no longer available because those cultivators were not able to get licensed. Very sad for everyone... and we are limited by licensing with what's available so we feel your pain on this particular issue. It also has to come all pre-packaged which is not our choice. I'm not sure you can judge all the cannabis based on the small nug sample we have on display... we have plenty of high-potency strains which are cleaner and subject to more lab-testing than they've ever been before -- we think that's a good thing. As the year has progressed, our vendors have been reducing prices and we have bee following suit so you may want to double check our prices now. The scenario you're describing concerning prices has happened when we have ordered up on a strain, then a few weeks later it goes on sale, then the other shops order it and can sell it at a lower price... it's just the natural ups and downs of the market right now and unfortunately we sometimes get stuck with the higher priced inventory :/ You are welcome to ask for a price match on any identical product we carry! We set prices to include all taxes and based on standard retail markups -- BUT we offer veteran and senior discounts AND a generous cash back loyalty program which most of our competitors don't.... so when you factor in all those things, I hope you'll give us another chance.
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happy camper

new spot.. gave both other spots a chance near by, these guys won my heart

Utterly Fantastic

I can't say enough how amazing Sespe is. The staff are very kind and extremely knowledgeable about treating various conditions with medical marijuana. They are very genuine and helpful. The products are amazing too, they exceed my expectations in every way. It is so reassuring to know that I can treat my chronic illness with confidence that my treatment is high quality. It's such a blessing to have this fantastic dispensary in Ventura.

Sespe is my fave!

Sespe is my favorite dispensary. I have tried the others and though I'm sure they appeal to others but I love Sespe's environment the best! The staff is very knowledgeable about their products and I like to hear their experiences with the medicine. They always recognize me when I come in and they always make me feel so welcome, even when it's busy. It's really hard to find CBD Alive products and they carry them! I use the 1:1 capsules they are my anxiety saver. I dig the selection and it seems like there's always something new to try. You can tell everyone there really cares about what they do and I am very thankful for Sespe. Keep up the good work guys!
Deathly iLL

Low key

Finally a shop with good deals that saves a trip down to the valley for quality meds , can’t believe they don’t give first time patients any discount or referral gifts but whatever good meds and good service.

When Will You Be Opening Up For Delivery? :(

Cool Shop! Nice Staff. I liked your flower years back and when you first opened! I live in Ventura and am eagerly looking forward to your delivery services!
Sespe Creek Collective
Thanks for your comments, we are eagerly waiting for Ventura to revise its ordinance so we won't get in trouble for delivering to you there. In the meantime we look forward to seeing you again in Ojai! The future delivery minimum to Ventura will be closer to $40.
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Great Dispensary!

I really like Sespe. It’s nice to have a local place near my home where I can physically see the strains and speak with knowledgeable people. I get my Pet Cannabis Tincture here monthly. I highly recommend Sespe.
Sespe Creek Collective
Thanks so much! :)
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Dank organic Nice Fire nugs

Good prices if u consider gas price nice oilswax Rosion hit them up fast

Ok getting better

went by today and I like the new jars and Tahoe og was gas 👍


My favorite place

Professional dispensary

Ive been to many walk-in dispensary's up and down. These guys treat the bud the most proper way that I have seen. Really good place if you want to SEE something specific. If you dont care what you get as long as its dank cheap "rapper" bud dont bother(?). Some real useful medicine at this place. Perfect if you're not an everyday stoner. My only wish is to make the drive a little easier like offering student prices, even though we "can't" consume on campus. You get what you pay for, like a top shop. Security on-site is alert and friendly.

rather travel

step it up guys. I would much rather travel to woodland hills for a better selection and better prices. $50 eighth? come on. that should be a quarter price.

Very Satisfied

I found this dispensary on weedmaps, I live really close to the area so I had to come check it out before they closed for the day. I was welcomed in by a very friendly staff who let me take my time and look around. The prices are good, products are good. All around great dispensary and I will definitely be returning soon.

my favorite place to go instead of going to LA

moved here from Texas, I have experienced and gone to dispensaries in LA looking specifically for CBD alive brand & care by design, both brands they carry. They were the most knowledgeable & educated I on the new laws coming into play 2018. There 1000mg brownie was awesome, had amazing day with brownie, tea & honey. I suffer from PTSD & Anxiety, the staff was very knowledgeable about strains & products that would help me. IF YOU are in Ventura county, You gotta step foot in the first storefront, it's a must and you won't be disappointed.

Jack H

Amazingly nice (and very secure) collective. I was referred here by a friend and it did not disappoint. I prefer sativa and specifically Jack Herer. I called ahead to make an appointment as well as make sure they had plenty in stock (if it’s good, I prefer to buy an ounce). Well, it was very well grown Jack H I’m happy to say! Not to mention their price is very very fair. I live in Oxnard out by the harbor and previously drove out to the valley and while it is a little bit of a hike to get up here, it’s an easy drive with a lot less traffic than the valley. It took me 30 minutes. This collective is very highly recommended and I will be back again soon! Great job Sespe Creek Collective!!

Thank goodness.

Finally there's a legitimate local dispensary. This saves a trip to the valley or Goleta. They have a variety of CBD products including edibles, oil, and tinctures which is great. Staff is friendly and not condescending like other places. They are appointment only but you can make appointments same day on the spot so it doesn't really matter. I will definitely return to this place.

not my spot 👎👎👎👎👎

nothing here is good I'm not talking shit this place sucks it's just a hype wax smells nasty like dry wall and the strains are not real like I checked out a couple strains out I was like oh no dosydos is not suppose to be dry and brown sorry but I won't be goin back unless you guys get better concentrates and real strains...

Sespe is the spot!

After a long awaited return, Sespe Creek Collective is back and better than ever! When you walk in you are instantly greeted with smiles and good vibes, absolutely LOVE the energy this place has! The staff is incredibly friendly and accommodating, they answered all my questions and they were knowledgeable about their products! I went in looking for an uplifting sativa, something to help with my anxiety and depression and was recommended the LSD sativa, it's a wonderful strain and also in my price range! They have great options in edibles especially for people with dietary restrictions. Being vegan, it's very hard to find edibles, but they have vegan chocolate and I saw a lot of their edibles are also gluten free and low glycimic. They truly have some amazing products and wonderful people helping you. I recommend this place if you're a Ventura County local or just driving through! No more driving to the valley for me!