$44.80per 1/8 oz
Product description
Total THC26.0%

Pomelo is an indica leaning strain and the perfect strain for those looking to dive into spring! This phenotype of Forum GSC x Mandarin Sunset is a breath of fresh air with a burst of sunshine expressed through the variety of color it offers - green, orange and splash of purple. With high levels of myrcene and caryophyllene, Pomelo is full of stress relieving properties that carry your troubles away as you float into the euphoric high that comes with it!


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3 reviews

27 days ago
4 stars

Maybe it was old?

I picked up an 8th and the flower was really dry. It was 5 months old - Flower tends to lose quality around 6 months, so maybe it was due to that? It wasn't on sale, so I was a bit disappointed. I have noticed with COTC - well for me anyways, their flower tends to be really dry. The high was ok. I prefer other strains of theirs.
11 months ago
5 stars

So good

I had one of the most blissful, and happy highs of my lifetime.
3 months ago
5 stars

Pomello is a keeper and a must try

With so many choices COTC is a winner once again with their Pomello! Testing at 28.11% this strain leaves me couch locked every time. Rolled a j and took a walk and halfway through the walk looked at my partner like “YO, it feel like I’m carrying extra weight lolol” couldn’t stop laughing all the way home. The nugs always look good, this is the 2nd eighth I have purchased there is always a fat nug in each jar!
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