Animal Mints by COTC

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Animal Mints is an indica-leaning hybrid strain, bred by Seed Junky J beezy. Its lineage sure is a jamboree, featuring Animal Cookies crossed with Girl Scout Cookies, which is crossed with Blue Power. This strain has neon, lime green colas that are coated with icicle-like trichomes. Its spongey and extra adhesive to the touch, followed with an explosion of minty fresh aroma and a taste to match — imagine chewing a piece of minty fresh gum that packs a diesel punch! Whether we are ready to focus on an artistic outlet or just chill out, we find ourselves coming back to Animal Mints again and again. In addition to beta-caryophyllene, Animal Mints also has a high amount of camphene, which has been found to be a powerful antioxidant and antibacterial substance.

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