Asteroid (House Of Herbs)

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It’s no secret that the San Fernando Valley has a wide variety of OG Kush strains. When walking into a collective in the SFV, it’s a common occurrence to find as many as 10 different OG strains. Often times these OG varieties are merely phenotypes of the same strain that were given a new name. However, there are just as many strains that were created by breeding an OG with another one of the growers favorite strains for a slightly different effect. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for new patients to tell the original OG Kush phenotypes apart from a hybrid that is 3 generations removed. Furthermore, there are some OG strains that don’t seem to have much of a noted history on the books. The Asteroid OG strain is a prime example of this, but my experience with it leads me to believe that it is an OG Kush hybrid – it didn’t carry the same sort of piney aroma that I’ve come to expect from OG over the years.

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