CO2 Distillate Vape Cartridge-Sativa


WILLIE'S RESERVE™ pre-filled cartridges contain pure CO2 cannabis distillate with cannabis derived terpenes. That means no fillers, no cutting agents or any other flavorings. Each variety is expertly crafted to express the naturally occurring flavor profile from our favorite strains. It’s a vape experience true to the original. WILLIE'S RESERVE™ cartridges work best with the beautifully branded WILLIE'S RESERVE™ 3.6-volt battery and charger. Enjoy!*strains may vary by state*

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4.8 stars

When this came out. I was ecstatic!

Tried this vape. It was a good buzz and the cartridge looked sleek. Would continue to purchase these.

Super Strong

This is some seriously strong oil. Heavy hits and long trips that kind of sneak up on you. Cartridge is made of good quality material. With heavy use this half gram cart lasted 2 days which is actually good for me. If I had a knock it would be the heavy thick metal mouth piece. I like the look of it although not a big fan but it's too heavy for a 1/2 gram and keeps falling down somewhere I usually can't find again. Look forward to trying other strains but you cannot go wrong here.

Willies=Fire. The best distillate cartridge

Pueblo Really needs more Willies reserve in more places. There is 1 store between Trinidad and Denver that carries this fine product and that ain’t right. We need some people competing for customers so the price on these things goes down. Best darn cartridges in the west!

Willie's Rocks

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